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Down//Out - 'Witchblade' Album Review / LJE

Sunday, November 11, 2018





Release: October 22, 2018

Artist: Down//Out

Title: Witchblade

Label: Solo recording project of Eric Bloom

Format: CD/Digital



We can all agree, music is powerful. Some of the most impressive display of this power is metal and hardcore punk rock music. Both contain aggressive display of musicianship and lyrical content. Down//Out is a solo recording project from musician Eric Bloom. He has had plenty of band experience. This can be heard through his music. Consistent and tightly held together Down//Out is truly a dark and powerful project. All instruments including some vocals are played/programmed by Eric Bloom. Vocals on most recordings were provided by Eric’s former bandmates and friends.


 I had the honor of being able to analyze and dive into Down//Out’s album entitled ‘Witchblade’. This was indeed a great musical experience. From the dark riffs and heavy atmosphere set by a powerful metal / black / doom influence mix with old school hardcore punk uniting together to make some epic noise. The album is full of energy. Each track a unique masterpiece with a well-rounded concept and amazing delivery. The album has strong consistency and great message delivery as well. Every track flowed together perfectly. Leaving the listener feeling like they are being led down a musical path. Some songs were aggressive and fast pace while others would draw the listener in with unique vocals and heavy progression. Always demanding the listener’s attention, ‘Witchblade’ is an album I truly recommend. For fans of Black Sabbath, Anti-Cimex, Yacopsae, Martyrdod and bands alike. ‘Witchblade’ also provides a true sense of traditional hardcore punk rock with its minute-thirty to two-minute songs. This full length 7 song album is a strong display of musical power and art. I encourage you all to go check out Eric Bloom and his masterful, dark musical project, Down//Out. For more reviews, local music media and news – stay tuned, stay anchored.



Track List:


1. Death Angel's View 02:07


2.Witchblade 01:26*


3.Solitude Of The Soul 02:29


4.Swine Overthrown 02:06*


5.Bled Dry 02:35


6.No Hay Feria 01:09*


7.Usidore The Blue 04:20


Recommended Tracks*



Down//Out: Instagram / Bandcamp


Liberate Justice Entertainment: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube 




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