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Beckoner - 'Pale Skin' Album Review / LJE

Sunday, November 11, 2018



Release: Nov. 30th, 2018

Artist: Beckoner

Title: Pale Skin

Label: Nick Madonna Music

Format: CD/Digital




Over the past six years of working the local music scene, I have had the pleasure of meeting some extremely talented musicians. One of my greatest pleasures is staying in contact with my friends/clients over the years. Striving to continue to support and promote each musician I meet. So, when my friend Nick Madonna came to me about his new band Beckoner, it was no surprise that I wanted to support and get involved anyway I could. Hailing out of East Ventura California, Beckoner is beyond unique. Blending grunge and deathcore together to make a gritty, tightly wrapped package of chug and dark musical magic, Beckoner has already proven to have a bright future.


Beckoner is due to set sail on November 30th, 2018 when they will be releasing their full 11 song album entitled ‘Pale Skin’. They have previously released the single November 2nd entitled ‘Wound’. They will also be hosting their album release show November 30th in Hollywood at Tree 40RT. I have had the honor of being able to preview the album in its entirety and I must say, this is an aggressive, yet engaging experience and is indeed something that is worth the wait. Beckoner comes in heavy and demands the listener’s attention almost immediately. This highly engaging listening adventure left me thrilled and optimistic for this band’s future. They have so much ahead of them. From the chugging polyphonic guitars to the conflicting and convicting raw vocals and impressive steady cadence blast beats, ‘Pale Skin’ is a heavy and raw musical odyssey. This unique blend of grunge/deathcore reminds me of While She Sleeps meets Alice In Chains. As soon as I played ‘Pale Skin’ I noticed how inviting Beckoner’s sound is. Both dark and aggressive, Beckoner truly does beckon the listener in for an amazing musical journey that I encourage you all to take. For more local music reviews, news and media – stay tuned, stay anchored.


Track List:

1. XI: Mind Complex

2. Stopwatch

3. Breacher

4. XII: Infidelity

5. Wound

6. XIII: Pale Skin

7. Kill Me*

8. Pessimist

9. Addict

10. // DIE*

11. MALICIOUS \\>exit


*Recommended Tracks



Brennan Adabashi - Vocals
Nick Madonna - Guitar/Vocals
Milo Visage - Bass
David Goldberg - Drums



Beckoner: Facebook/Instagram/Bandcamp


Lyric Video:


Liberate Justice Entertainment: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube


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