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Illusive: Review / LJE

Saturday, November 3, 2018



Do you remember how it felt to put on your very first metalcore album? The fresh new sound exploding through your speakers. Full of passion, energy and emotion. These are all traits of four-piece American Metalcore band, Illusive. Hailing from Los Angeles California, Illusive has awaken some of the old school metalcore vibes with a fresh, new modern look. This was displayed in their debut music video from their single ‘Divide’ that I was honored to preview before the official release date. Stay tuned for the release in the weeks to come. I was impressed by the creative, clean cuts and content for their music video. The black and white with grey tones really set the mood. Once the video started, I felt my mind immediately connect with the metalcore energy in the song. Illusive conducted themselves very well and I connected with them on a visual standpoint through the music video. Their expressions and emotions as well as the display of their musicianship skills came out in the music video. I encourage you all to check the out now on Illusive’s YouTube channel.


Illusive and I had a moment to catch up before the review and I just wanted to highlight a few things. Here are a few things they had to say;


“We are Illusive out of Los Angeles, CA. We’ve spent the past few years developing our brand and our sound. Been through our share of producers until we found the right fit. We’ve been working tirelessly for the past 8 months to bring people the best quality content we can provide. Our debut single, “Die” was released Friday, October 19th on all digital platforms. We will be releasing our second single and our debut ep very soon.”


After viewing the music video I also was able to enjoy their two singles ‘Divide’ and ‘Die’. The new single, ‘Divide’ (out soon) is full of nostalgic metalcore sounds along with a fresh new twist. This is a clean track full of energy and high emotion. Although heavy and screaming in some areas, ‘Divide’ also breaks down in a dreamy alternative singing, with passion filled lyrics and excellent musicianship skills. I am impressed with both this band and this song. I feel a sense of refresh and discovery. I look forward to the near future and see what types of things may unfold with Illusive.


The single ‘Die’ was unique and powerful. The intro leads the listener in and then explodes with overpowering emotional screaming followed by melodic singing. Like a musical journey, this song leads the listener along. With breakdowns and passionate lyrical content, Illusive once again proves to be both impressive and consistent. Not only was the song powerful musically but also lyrically. Each one of these musicians have proven to be talented and excited about what they do. This really adds to the spirit of the band.


I would like to encourage you all to check out Illusive and what they have to offer. Do not sleep on this L.A. based local band. I look forward to see what they will do over the next year. They have talent and connect with people on both a heavy and emotional level. You can check out Illusive on all major socials and music sites. For more local music content and news – stay tuned, stay anchored.


Illusive: Web / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube


Liberate Justice Ent.: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube



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