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Cold Times: SUPPORT PUERTO RICO HARDCORE! (New Album/Mini-Doc)

Sunday, September 23, 2018



Cold Times are one of the first band's I've ever promoted under Worldwide Underground. So much love for them down in Puerto Rico. They have just released a monster alum "Unfortunate Outcome" that demands a full review, but for now i'll give it a quick score of 9.8/10 (it's that good). I love their Metal infused Hardcore style any hardcore fan will instantly fall into. As you may know Puerto Rico was hit hard by a devastating storm in recent years, so you can only imagine what these members have been through. Pushing forward is what this band is all about, take the blows and swing back. They have written easily, their angriest sounding music yet! down to the fucking guitar tones. This band has put the work in and if you like what you hear and what they represent, share the fuck out of this article to help put PRHC on the fucking map already. (I'll stop saying the "F" word now, just excited) 

There is a mini Documentary that is following this album, Old School style. I miss Studio Session videos for albums, it always got me more involved with the specific album and this one does just that. It is in Spanish (which i dont speak well) HOWEVER, click 'CC' for english subtitles! Check out the first of a 2 part Mini-Doc about Cold Times below, if you have a TY account throw it thumbs up for us! it is titled Unfortunate Outcome: Mini-Doc Part 1 by Nomar Lugo. 

 If you're like me, You're lazy.. so you can stream their latest album Unfortunate Outcome right here! 
Highly Recomend buying it, Dont be "That Guy"


 Support Cold Times
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