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Thursday, September 13, 2018


 We are excited to premiere the new Flatlined music video for the song titled "Unheard"off of their EP "Swing Back" due out last November. Flatlined has easily become one of my favorite bands. Coming right off of a Midwest and West Coast tour it's no secret they plan to keep the momentum flowing. They create a traditional sound of hardcore while adding splashes of beatdown and original vocals so it is definitely a band that can catch everyone's attention. I was able to ask Vocalist Justin Ybarra some questions about Flatlined here is his response!

Hey Justin thanks for answering these questions.

What does flatlined mean and what does it mean to you?
"Flatlined is the name we created when i first joined the band. I was going thru my moms death and i felt very stagnant at the time. There were life battles that were conflicting. I personally was thinking about death and that was the name , in past tense, that kind of gave me the aura that things had been finally put to rest. Atleast how i saw it. Flatlined to me has always meant making the most of the time we have on earth. We all end up in the dirt at times....and I feel it represents making the most of the moment by doing what we love, what we want to do, and spreading that message to the hardcore community. We should not waste the time we have left. You can't determine fate. follow your passions, accomplish goals. It's an outlasting message that nothing will bring us down as individuals til death, And its a message to all the non believers, that to us, they've already deceased"

How long have you guys been a band?

"As for how long the band has been rolling. Started as a three piece in a garage in long beach, went to a 4 piece which was aiming for a more traditional sounds and stationed out of orange county. By beginning 2017 we had established the lineup we have today and are."

What future plans and goals does Flatlined have in the near future?

"As for future plans as u know we are remaining very active. Our objective is to keep growing and spreading the message. To keep writing and exercising our creativity and to hopefully eventually have this platform reach a statewide and international level. Flatlined has a second ep thats set to record next month and would like to release around nov/ december of 2018. This one veres a bit from being the traditional hardcore style to a more aggressive approach to our riffs and vocals. Hence the ep name. "Turn to violence"."

Check out the music below and support the links that follow if you like what you hear! 

Video cred: The Ewokk

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