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Shine Bright News / LJE

Monday, August 20, 2018


Over the last six years I have had the pleasure in involving myself with many bands both locally and touring. I have conducted hundreds of interviews and through the process I try to keep up with the bands that I have come in contact with. One band in particular, Shine Bright has notified me of some very important news that they wanted to share with the world. Shine Bright is a Post-Hardcore band hailing from Saint George, UT. Before I share this news I would like to add that Shine Bright has proven to be an extremely hardworking touring band. Although this news saddens me, I look forward to the future and what they will have to offer. So without any further introduction here is what Shine Bright had to say to their fans both old and new;


  " Brightcrew,


               There have been rumors, and these rumors are definitely true. Unfortunately Shine Bright has reached the end of the line.


          There are no hard feelings between any of us, no disagreements, and no legal disputes; only the desire to grow beyond what the Shine Bright name is capable of.


       We've been honored and beyond blessed with the generous hospitality we've been shown, the people that have booked us, the bands we have shared the road with, and the sights we have seen. We've managed to sign to a record label. Most of all, we've acquired everlasting friendships with many amazing people across the country. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that that was the goal all along. 


      We've decided to release one last song as Shine Bright entitled, "seeyalater." A poetic coincidence, unknowingly designed  to not only continue our theme of transition and personal growth, but to provide closure and a willingness to push for what we all want out of life. 


     I'll spare you the rest of the cliche breakup statement and close with this:


     "This is not the end my friends, Shine Bright and carry on."




          Shine Bright    "


After receiving this information I was excited to see what L8ER has to offer. I am grateful that the music will continue because each one of these members have impressive musical talent. L8ER will be releasing their first single "Alone At Last" on September 17th. So stay tuned for that. For music and more updates check out and Shine Bright on Spotify. Also check out the video below for Shine Bright's final message. This has been an incredible journey to witness and I wish them all the best of luck and we will see you L8ER. For more music media and news - stay tuned, stay anchored. 


















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