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Deadbeat - Still Drunk EP (REVIEW)

Saturday, August 4, 2018


“Mexico City Murder” begins this unapologetically heavy farewell on the right note, swift and to the point,. This track is definitely an attention grabber, almost like you can feel it smacking you upside the head screaming “Hey dumbass, listen up!”. Boy, do I enjoy me some tough love. Keeping this short, non-stop assault on the senses moving, “Big Dog” offers a brief pause before getting right back into the swing of things. Here you are kid of kept on your toes, thinking about the possibility of a burst of quick beats and riffs, but only being teased further until this anger-inducing, blood pressure-escalating breakdown. As I think about it more, I sort of realize this all goes back to the attention aspect – the ability to offer these sort little teases, hoping for one thing but offering something a bit more intense in the end. The final song from Deadbeat has a name that no one will forget and a sound to match the same description, “Cockasaurus Rex” comes barging in at full force. With that crude bit of humor in the last sentence being said, this song leaves a very bittersweet feeling behind since it is the final Deadbeat song on the final EP – And the goodbye feels cut short, so I definitely found myself repeating this song a few times. It's a very bittersweet feeling hearing a track like this on a farewell project because it only leaves me wanting more.


Deadbeat offer one hell of a goodbye with Still Drunk. For being as brief as it is, this project is a bittersweet ending, and would be the same case for just about any band coming to and end after having two EP's out in a year and a half. This short, straight to the point and honest EP that will surely serve a purpose for their most dedicated fans.


Worldwide Underground sincerely wishes all the members of Deadbeat the best of luck in all their future endeavors, whatever they may be. 


STANDOUT TRACK: “Mexico City Murder”


RATING: 8.5/10





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