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Big Lo: Releases New Track (Florida Hiphop)

Sunday, July 29, 2018



So every time and again, we cover some hip hop. It's no crowd pleaser, but to us here at WWU it's important to us for you to discover something you wouldn't normally listen to. I'm sure there are a good few of you that are open minded to lyrical flows and metaphors. Being from New Jersey a lot of Hardcore and Hiphop for the most part went hand and hand. Feels good to get something fresh from an artist i've admired for a while now. Big Lo, of Florida hooked me from the gate with the first single I have ever heard from him 'Black Magic'. Since he has released banger after banger this new track is no disappointment! After following Big Lo for a few years now, I have seen he's more than just a "soundcloud" rapper which the world seems to have to many of. He embraces classic samples, meshing 2 products that wouldn't normal fit together but he has the secret sauce that binds the two. Every album has a concept that you get sucked into and there's a taste of elegance with everything he releases. You can tell he takes his time to make things sounds exactly to his standard and noone elses. He tours frequently gaining his following the old school way,by spitting his bars in your face. He does alot for his music community that surrounds him and supports him. In an interview I even got him to throw out some local Metal/punk bands that deserve some love. Open up and expand your mind with this new track from his upcoming album 'The Illegalist' the song is called 'The Saint' Check it out below! 


Big Lo:

Wants more?

 Big Lo - Black Magic

 Big Lo - firecracker Popsicle 

 Big Lo - The Lux

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