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REVIEW: Skies Have Fallen - Serpents and Kings EP

Monday, July 23, 2018


Dallas, Texas' Skies Have Fallen have just dropped a debut EP of titanic proportions. It's not every day that you come across a debut project with this much quality musicianship and honed-in talent in one beautifully crafted package. It seemed silly to not give you guys a sneak peek of what you're truly missing out on.


We begin this brief journey with "Into the Storm", starting with a strong metalcore sound, both screamed and sang vocals laid down with intensity, passion and the utmost precision. Although tough to follow up, "The Voiceless" comes in with a very 2012, Crown the Empire-esque gang vocal part in the intro. Although this track is accompanied by more singing than the last song, the singing is still used to compliment the screaming and still used sparingly, so the ratio is still balanced very well and making this track a repeatable, easy listen. Next up is "Chasing False Hope" which seems to be feeding of a vibe that my ears decipher as a love child between Fit for a King and Like Moths To Flames, and then that baby had s brief relationship with an electronicore project. Following up that musical Frankenstein creation is the title track, "Serpents and Kings" and SHF bring every bit of energy to pour out into this track, making this track pit-inducing, attention grabbing and energy draining for anyone in attendance at a live show. "Ides of March" bring a heavy metalcore feeling back into the mix, but the real attention grabber is the emotion put into this piece of the puzzle. Lastly, we are met at the end of this short but memorable EP with "This Addiction". Utilizing every tool available to them, Skies Have Fallen will have your full attention with this closing track as it noticeably picks up speed and intensity and keeps doing just that up until the very end, possibly saving the best for last before fading into silence.




Skies Have Fallen are setting the bar high once again for up and coming post-hardcore/metalcore acts. A very mature sound that is almost seamlessly executed and topped with just the right amount of heaviness and singable choruses. If metalcore is your bread and butter and you haven't checked out this band, then you are truly missing out.


Standout Track - "This Addiction"


Rating - 8.5/10


"Chasing False Hope" video link




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