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Hate Diplomacy: Rant Review

Friday, July 13, 2018



Once again I have been blessed with the task of reviewing Hate Diplomacy. The first time I saw Hate Diplomacy was in a basement when they had just relocated and they tore it a-fucking-part. Majority of their kickass debut album Rant was played that very night. To hear the music finally transition to recording hits a soft spot in my heart.

 First of all the album from start to finish destroys. Beheading The Kings hits you like a freight train of heaviness. There’s no shortage of slams, gutturals, and mind numbing blast beats from there on out. While there’s plenty of brutal death elements, there’s also plenty in store for hardcore fans as well. Two step riffs, super catchy choruses, and very graspable song structures. Hate Diplomacy finds a nice balance while advertently contradicting death metal norms.


 Obviously the band has a preceding reputation so let’s cut right to it: Don’s the fucking man. "Gastrointestinal Torment’s" vocals are so in your face and sound straight out of Beyond Cops’. The trademark alien inhales return with a vengeance in songs like "Human Animals" & "Fed Up". The message of Hate Diplomacy has always been positivity and the lyrics are a clear demonstration of that. From anti-racism to third eyes to words of encouragement, you’ll leave this album with a smile on your face.

 "The Arrival" & "Don’t Join ‘Em, Beat ‘Em" have both been re-recorded and they sound even better than before. A faster tempo helps point both songs in a more aggressive nature than previously heard. A personal highlight for me is "Programmed Perception". The structure is more complicated than most of the album and sums up their sound exceptionally. With the help of Christopher Rini, this album sounds massive. Every second smacks you in the face and fuels your veins with adrenaline. Hate Diplomacy is quickly establishing a stronghold in the underground music scene, and Rant is their testament of brutality that you don’t want to miss!





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