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Lacerate Thy Maker: Imminent (Review)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

 So, today we're about to drop our first album review in quite some time. We are going to begin a review segment once again with help from our friends Worldwide Underground. In this review, we're taking a listen to the heavy and crushing deathcore band, Lacerate Thy Maker. Who just dropped their debut EP titled Imminent.


Let's start with the opening song "Malodorous". You begin the album with an intro piece that makes you feel like you're trapped in a dark room. Then it throws a cinder block at your head! Powerful drums jump right behind brutal guitar works that bring back that brutal feel that make the song feel like you're impaling the skulls of your enemies! Then "Misanthropy" comes raining down on you with Deathcore and Beatdown like breaks making you want to smack anyone in your general vicinity so if you're listening to this next to your grandmother beware.

The guitars for "Wicked Fixation" carry an immense load. You can feel mountains being moved, then we transition from mountainous destruction to a sick lead lick coming to a world-ending breakdown! It just grows and grows until there's nothing left! drums come hammering down on you with blast beats just to keep grinding down the track with blistering speed all to an ambient solo to an amazing orchestra piece that all comes to a grinding halt.


My favorite track off this piece would have to be "Vanished Flesh". Starts out crushing and brutal, and transitions into a chord progression giving an atmospheric feel. Then proceeds to a heavy breakdown and brutal pig squeals! And that brutal crushing feeling doesn't stop it grinds through to the end. The use of breakdowns throughout the album is at no point abused. They in fact, add more power to the album, with well-executed solos in the guitar section and riffs that go on for days! The vocal department is not lacking in this either! They add so much energy to the already powerful instrumental pieces, giving that final destructive touch to the sound that Lacerate Thy Maker brings. "Psychopathic Engorgement" definitely rounds out the whole release as it grinds down the track with none stop riffing with the vocals being just as unrelenting. The acoustic solo in this was an amazing touch to the EP's already diverse sound.

Bottom line: This album is a must-have for any deathcore lover. It has the breakdowns. It has the power. It has the energy. It's without a doubt a must-have for your Modern Deathcore Fan.
Standout Track: Vanished Flesh
Rating: 8/10

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