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Âme Noire - The Tree That Bears Rotten Fruit (Review)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Âme Noire, Melbourne's next upcoming machine of heaviness, are set to release their debut EP "The Tree that Bears Rotten Fruit." This Friday. Let's hop right into this review where ill be talking about why YOU shouldn't sleep on this melodic, yet DESTRUCTIVE death metal.

It's no secret that Australia has consistently pumped out incredible heavy acts, from Thy Art is Murder, Signal the Firing squad, Make them Suffer, A night in Texas, the list literally goes on and on, and Âme Noire is aiming to put themselves among the legends from down under with this upcoming release.
Bordering on Blackened Slam these guys bring a level of heaviness to Melodic Death Metal that recent entries to the genre just fail to capture. Switching between beautiful guitar solos and melodies into crushing slams and blast beats seems effortless to these guys and it left my metal pallet quite satisfied.

Coming in at 5 tracks "The Tree that Bears Rotten Fruit" is an average length EP and each song comes in at a decent length. This is an EP that gives you the PERFECT amount of content. Not too much, not too little, but just enough to leave you in excitement for whatever these guys drop nex, and the production is crisp and clear throughout, but not to the point of being "over polished".

Musically every member of this band is a great talent, the vocalist has the Tunnel Throat high screams down to a science and his lows are heavy but still clear and powerful. The guitar work is beautiful at times and at other times downright insane with solos and pinch harmonics thrown in at the BEST , a nice touch of technique in a genre filled with wankery. Another nice touch Âme Noire seems to take pride in showing is their Bass player. Throughout the album the bass tone is strong and present, and is even the main focus in certain sections of songs. Finally, the drums, as expected, are crushing and in your face when need be. Listening to the way the drummer switches tempos and styles had me on the fence on whether or not this band could be labeled as Deathcore or Melodic Death Metal (Not a bad thing at all, variety is the spice of life) and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing a drummer that can kept me guessing with unpredictable but structured playing.

As for negatives the only thing I had even the slightest gripe with is the Eerie, atmospheric guitar parts that are present in most of the songs. While I get what the band is going for I feel that the way in which these parts were executed could have been better. To me some of these guitar sections sound almost off key with the song, and can be a slight speed bump in an otherwise very smooth road of great Musicianship.

Bottom Line: All in all Âme Noire's "The Tree that Bears Rotten Fruit" is a solid release to add to 2018's arsenal of brutality, and is sure to go over well with fans of bands like; The Black Dahlia Murder, Lorna Shore, Angelmaker, And Hell Followed With, ect.
If you like melody and darkness in your Death Metal then be sure to give Âme Noire a like on Facebook and a Subscribe on YouTube, and keep your ears open for "The Tree that Bears Rotten Fruit." Coming this Friday, July 13th. And if you can't wait that long "slave to the grave" and.the title track are available for streaming RIGHT now on the bands Spotify and YouTube which will be linked below.
Always remember to support the underground!
Standout Track: Slave To The Grave
Rating: 9.5/10 
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