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Embrace The Hostility: Hated Since Birth (Review)

Friday, July 6, 2018



Embrace The Hostility is a 5 piece from "The Woods" somewhere in PA.  They drive a mix of Hardcore and Metal into your pewny little skull. I haven't heard much of this band in recent times. I want to say someone showed me them roughly 10 years ago but today, I just finished up jamming their newest album Hated Since Birth and I've never been happier to give you a little run down on it. So from the opening track, you can tell these dude's got something to say about how they view the world. Upon reading their facebook 'about' section, one of their listed Influences are "Watching our entire nation tear each other apart on CNN"... You can tell that certainly is a fuel to the fire with this album. Super hard to pinpoint a genre title for these guys, strongly hardcore-punk influenced metal with hints of beatdown at times with crushing tempo changes and breakdowns. One thing is for sure, these dude's know how to bring the 2-step. My favorite track is Beyond Reality strictly cause that 2-step throws me the fuck back. Lyrically, spans a few topics that are widely relatable from Drug Addiction to Racism and just straight up disgust for society these days. I love everytime this dude squeezes a "Fuck You" or "Go Fuck Yourself" into the song. You can truly feel how fed up he really is in everything he wrote for this 8 songs masterpiece. The guitar work and drumming for this album are my key points to make. They have everything you want from an aggressive band.Their drummer knows how to throw people off in a good way. Twisting things up a bit from what you expect to come next. The guitars have it all, Thrashy riffs that want to make you head bang, Riffs that make you want to punch your friends, and majestic solo's to relax a bit from beating the shit out of your friends. You can pre-Order Hatred Since Birth Now! and is due out July 21st via Upstate Records. You can listen and download their single for "Compulsive Fiend" below!

Download 'Compulsive Fiend' Here

Bottom Line: Embrace The Hostility can reach multiple people that into different styles of music and melt their faces off. From brilliant 2-steps, shattering breakdowns, Solos, topics that you hate too. This band will bring crowds together for one hell of a live set. 
Standout Track: Beyond Reality - That 2 step will be in my head for days. 
Rating: 9/10 
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