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WWU Premiere: Keep In Check - A.D. (Exclusive Stream)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

When you think of heavy music that comes out of Northwest most of the bands that come to mind are traditional hardcore or metalcore. With this new premiere by Keep In Check titled "A.D.", I am confident that they will claim their territory and give Washington a beatdown band to represent them. Vocalist Vincent Jarus commented on what their hometown Spokane Washington means to them "Spokane influenced the band when we first started because there was hardly any bands of the genre in the area and we really wanted to bring this sound home. With that being said and multiple shows played we got outreach from friends and family and others we had no idea even liked the style of music, coming up to us after shows and saying things like “this is what we needed here, we’ve been missing this." I've heard it all over the years but Keep In Check was able to keep it heavy,aggressive, and original within the traditional beatdown origin. Keep a lookout for their debut EP due out later on this year. It's one that will definitely be heavily anticipated after this first listen.



A Little More about the band: 
Keep In check are a Beatdown Hardcore Band from Spokane, WA. Their members consist of Vincent Tyson Steven and Rusty. You can support the band by following these links:

For Booking:

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