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Troy Greene(Pure Deathcore) is Still a Scumbag

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


 You may remember Troy Greene from Scamming bands for thousands of dollars through his company formerly known as Pure Deathcore. Since then he's admitted his wrong-doing and that drugs were the core of all of the scamming and bullshit that went on with him. 6 days later he is magically cured from addiction and some even took his side giving him the benefit of the doubt. Please note we have had many accusations hit our page about him scamming with merch, lying about still owning pages for paid promo...but we just truly do not want give this kid any more attention. However it is important for those that have forgiven him, or know little of him know that he is and will always be a scumbag. So today he was called out for stealing over 500$ (valued at new price)  in video game from someone he begged for place to crash for the night... Yup, you let the dude sleep over, and woke up to all over you video games missing. Dude is human garbage. The post was shared around captioning:

"Nobody trust Troy Anthony Greene . He stole all my Xbox one games before I woke up this morning. I let him stay the night in my couch after he whined about not sleeping outside and having such a hard time but trying to be a good person? Good people don’t steal from someone that helped and fed you." - J.G.

In the comment section there were screenshots of him begging for money and food. gloating about owning his own place, but not being able to afford food. Even Showing a picture of his empty fridge. If he has his own place why would he need a place to stay? To steal shit, obviously. His excuse was " My roommate is a mean black gay dude, I need a night out". J.G. was nice enough to let a homie spend the night, Though he got bit in the ass for it.. Karma came back around, He got most of his games back with proof Troy Greene traded them in.  A receipt with his name on it! 

"Got all my games back except Farcry Primal and Farcry 5. Must have sold then to a Farcry fan." - J.G 





Fuck You Troy Greene


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