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REVIEW: Crucial Rip - The Object of Infection

Sunday, July 1, 2018

 Crucial Rip has been doing good things for a while in the name of VA death metal, so it's only appropriate that we bring you all a little taste of their forthcoming album The Object of Infection. With a very distinct sound they call their own, I only see progression from their previous works and now they seem to be better than ever. With that, we give you a glimpse at the brutality that is coming real soon!


We are first met with an eerie intro before the brutality erupts from this album. Quickly after the introduction, “Life, Reclaimed” will come in drums blazing before the rest of the band emerges with this very brutal death metal sound. It isn't until about halfway through this song that the hardcore bits emerge from that overall sound. This combination really makes everything stand out that much more to the listener. “Signs of Suffering” will commence shortly after, with more of the hardcore influence being very dominant in this song, especially around the 2:00 mark where there is a brief callout, followed by yelled vocals before continuing back to more of a death metal style of vocals. “Dogmatic Inquisition”will bring us up to the halfway point of this intense musical journey which has to be the most “slam-worthy" of the bunch SO FAR, with most of the track being laced with fight riffs and the most violent tones and guttural pitches to give it the most in-your-face and pissed off vibe seeping through it. The second half begins with “The Morningside Mortician”which brings the tempo down even more while the drums seem to be the star of this track, showing that this level of nastiness is not complete without their aid. “Progeny of Leeches” Keeps the train rolling and picks it up again for more brutality. Just when you think the death metal is here to stay, the hardcore vibes come back in full swing, but only briefly before disappearing into Crucial Rips' monstrous sound. While the album begins winding down, “Unacknowledged” seems to do just the opposite as it fights for its place as one of the most ungodly and evil sounding track on this record. I noticed myself blazing through this song a few times just because it really caught my attention and did its best to stand out. At the end it all comes back “Full Circle” with this final track, which truly shows off the talent within this band and their evolution over time.


 (If you cant see the video click here)


Overall, Crucial Rip's latest offering The object of Infection is some of their best work yet, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on hearing this album (or any of their previous work) because they truly deserve it. I have found myself coming back to this album ever since I first listened to it and it's just as insane as the first time I heard it. From the monstrous riffs to the guttural tones, the blast beats to the gang vocals and call outs, this album was put together with the listener in mind and is gold from start to end.


Crucial Rip's The Object of Infection will be out next week 7/8/18! The link to the digital preorder can be found below!


STANDOUT TRACK - “Signs of Suffering”


RATING - 9/10



Bandcamp Preorder




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