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Friday, June 22, 2018



We want to get more involved, in more scenes around the world. What better way then try to find more people like us to help. We are Looking for more writers to help feed our growing audience some solid content for future articles and posts. If You love music, and want a new hobby, Lets party. We have a solid crew as is,  but life gets in the way far to often for all of us. We are a super down to earth team, and will open arms to anyone willing to join forces! 

First, You will need laptop or PC to operate our blog
(If you are committed to daily articles, we may be able to work with your mobile device) 

Here's a look into what we are going to need from a new writer:
Music News/Tour Alerts 

I feel that they are pretty self explanatory, however I will give an example of how we operate. 
For Music News, We follow our favorite artists (some we don't like) on all social media. 9/10 when a tour/album is hinted or a member quits the band, News breaks on their personal social media pages first. Music News is a very wide spread category, from break ups to New music, to Tour announcements and cancellations. Whatever you think our audience wouldn't mind reading about, Publish away.  

Reviews work 3 ways, You can review any band you think deserves a little love. You can be fed Music to Review by us, or both! 
We have a super simple format to follow for reviews which will be explained later in the process. 

Interviews, Ah the thing everyone wants to do but never does. Seriously our Interview section is deprived. Feel free to interview anyone you would like. Reach out to Bands/managements and get those contacts. We can all help you with getting you in touch with the right people! If you would like to set up Video-Interviews by all means do so! 

We are non profit, What gets donated goes into the platform not pockets and we consistently put out comps for animal benefits . We want further grow our presence in the music industry so we can continue to help new bands reach the next level in their careers. Please fill the form out below if you are as committed as we are! 





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