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Tim Lambesis's Apology to Ex-Wife, Family, Friends and Fans

Friday, June 8, 2018



Ok.. So let's back this all up, Tim of As I Lay Dying served time for hiring a hitman on his ex wife. I will agree with everyone here, that was a scummy situation that he brought on himself. He served his time, and it's okay if you and I feel that it wasn't enough time. I do not agree attempted murder of any kinds (Other than self defense)  should have any sorts of a minimal jail sentence or even parole.  Fast forward a bit, 2018. This year has thrown a lot of curveballs so far in the land of heavy music. One that didn't catch me off guard was AILD returning with Tim. It was hinted about 6 months ago, one year after Tim had been released in a giant apology letter issued to the world. Why is this even relevant?  Well I've seen countless of Friends on both sides of this pickle. Some getting ripped apart by the moral police, and others constantly defending new As I Lay Dying. I even seen a Metal page try to side with some of their fans, commenting that Tim needs to apologize to his wife before anything. Not that it is really anyone's business, he already did. publicly. Was it enough in my book? nah. However I do appreciate the new AILD. I can honestly say I never liked that band for the vocals, This new track in my opinion brings a lot of roots of a great era for metalcore blended and polished extremely well for this day in age. I respect the hell out of the other 4 dudes that didn't hire a hitman to potentially kill a loved one. Tim doesn't sing that catchy chorus or play the drums and guitar and those elements stuck out most to me. As for the band making the decision to come back with Tim, what did you expect out of a bunch of christians.. Anyway, I am obviously in the middle here. I just wanted to let you know IT'S OKAY if you like the new As I Lay Dying. I may be weird about actually giving them my money (I just can't), but listening to a really well written metalcore song shouldn't be frowned upon. It's not like they are a hate band, I don't see these songs spreading the message to hire hitmen.  I can't forgive and forget, and will always feel some kind of way about Tim Lambesis but I have enough perspective to give the other dudes a chance even if I don't agree with their move at vocals. To those who feel an apology is needed here it is, from 6 months ago:

The post reads:
"Words cannot begin to express how deeply sorry I am for the hurt that I have caused. There is no defense for what I did, and I look back on the person I became with as much disdain as many of you likely do.


First, I apologize to my former wife and remarkable children for my appalling actions. There’s not a single day that goes by where I don’t wish I could undo the damage I caused, and out of respect for their wishes I will not discuss anything else about them (now or in the future). I also ask anyone reading this to promote healing for them by respecting their privacy and defending them from any negativity or anger which should be directed towards me. I was the sole offender and the only one to blame for everything that happened.


To my family, I apologize for the trauma you faced and may still feel. This is an ongoing sentence many of you serve because of me. I am so sorry to my friends who were betrayed by everything I hid from them and all the hardships I caused people who used to work with me.


Band mates, road crew, managers, attorneys, agents, label people, and more all had to suffer through many unexpected changes because of my actions. While they were dealing with the aftermath of my arrest, I responded toward many of them with bitterness that I should have directed toward myself. I know that I can’t undo the animosity I brought their way, but I hope to mend what I can now as time goes on.To the people who looked up to me as an artist, I let you down in so many ways. I tried to show my best side to the public, while feeding an ugly growing monster behind closed doors. I wrote lyrics about the person I wanted to be rather than the person that I was. I was living a life that lacked empathy and viewed everything through a self-motivated lens.I cannot say for certain what life looks like going forward as so much is different now and I’m still learning.


Music always has and always will be a part of me, and has helped me get through the darkest parts of my journey. However, this apology is not a part of promoting anything. Rumors circulate, and that’s something I’ve learned to accept, but this apology is just that, an apology to everyone around me.I’ve remained silent to the public since expressing remorse at my sentencing because time seemed like the best way to promote healing. Today marks the first opportunity to freely apologize without any motivation to gain favor from the courts, as I have now completed the entirety of my legal sentence (including the completion of all parole/probation requirements).


Let it be clear that no amount of time served can right my wrongs. I do not feel deserving of a second chance and am not asking for anyone’s trust. The way many people feel about me makes sense, and only time will tell if my future actions line up with my remorse, something I pray for every day. In the last five years, the ripple effect of all my actions has extended further than a written statement can address. Thus, I will continue to apologize in both words and actions moving forward.Thank you for reading,Tim"


I don't care if you love or hate the new AILD, I respect you no matter what side your on cause that's how it should be.

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