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OUTBREAK XERO Break Up; Release Final Music For Free

Saturday, May 26, 2018




Remember OUTBREAK XERO? They began to blow up a few years ago with their crushing debut single "Down", followed up by their single "Crossover" released through our friends in Chugcore which as of today is no longer on YouTube. After releasing their single "Lost Soul" through Lambgoat almost 3 years ago, they went on hiatus and haven't been heard from since. Today they came back to inform fans everywhere that they are calling it a day.


Here is the formal statement from the band regarding the decision:


"Hello everyone. Today as a collective we are announcing our choice to step away from outbreak xero. From the start this blossomed into something we never even imagined. We met a lot of amazing people, visited amazing places, and were given opportunities that we didn’t believe were possible. Rather than get into the details of this decision, we would rather give all of you the latest material that we never got around to release and our previous three singles available for free download as a thank you. The material will also be uploaded to YouTube. This is not the end of music for anyone in this band. We will all love and pursue it in our own special way. And who knows what the future holds? Thanks again,


In light of this breakup, as mentioned in the statement, the band decided they wanted to say farewell by releasing all of their unreleased music as well as their first few singles from their debut. All of it can be streamed and downloaded from their Bandcamp. Listen to the unreleased material below, leave your thoughts, and support this band in their future endeavors. Were bummed about them breaking up, but we have this amazing music forever and that's all that matters.




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