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Caught Cold - Self-Titled EP Review

Sunday, May 13, 2018



Florida has been bringing the heat and this case is no different, as Caught Cold has finally unleashed their self titled debut EP for all to witness. Riddled with emotion and an energy unlike most in the hardcore/beatdown genre, this group of musicians are definitely starting off on the right foot.

“Intro” Opens on a very strong note, a brief intro to a brutal and raw debut project. With just this little slice given to you, it definitely leaves you wondering if it has more of a beatdown vibe or a hardcore punch to it, but it’s best not to linger on that because it appeases both sides in this case. “Vulnerable” doesn’t hesitate to continue and keep chugging on, while ultimately providing this very unique sound - just as you think that there is something to blatantly compare to it, you can tell they put time into putting finer details in it making the listener pay real close attention and actively wonder what’s being thrown at them next. “F/A” keeps the full force, all or nothing attitude coming, albeit a brief jam but do not let that fool you. This short but infectious track throws down an unbelievable vibe that definitely surpasses expectations on just about every level. “Olde English” is where things get s little personal, a blatant and honest song, starting with a bit more raw vocals, and also sprinkled throughout to give a specifically brutal feel to it. “Corrupted Currency” keeps the vocals a bit more on the harsh side, which definitely expresses a sheer pain that is hard to ignore and an anger that is unleashed through this band as a whole. “Vain” concludes this raw as hell debut EP, but not before one last push. Much like the project as a whole, they come out swinging with no regrets before ending and fading into silence.


You know, for the last couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of having this album at my disposal, and when I first heard this I was speechless. The talent in this band can definitely be overlooked because of how fresh this band is, but they are such a raw, honest act that it makes them hard to ignore. Caught Cold will be screaming in faces near you before you know it because this EP will make them unforgettable.

Caught Cold’s debut EP is available now and streaming via the WWU Facebook page, but you can check it out at the bottom of this article as well!


Rating - 9/10





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