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SHORT FUSE 59- ShortFuse (Review)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I know it’s only May but, I’ve already added SHORT FUSE 59's ShortFuse to my top albums of 2018 list. We got a preview of this rager a few weeks ago when the Mile High Hardcore act released their debut single ‘Blue Lives Shatter', which makes Body Count's 'Cop Killer' seem like a nursery rhyme


The brutality runs deep as the riffs  heavy. Wouldn’t expect anything less from an SOSF band. Short Fuse 59 isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel or transcend genres, but rather deliver some straight in your face pissed off violent aggressive hardcore. 


BOTTOM LINE: With a full steam ahead, Short Fuse 59 is staking it’s claim as the new face of Colorado Hardcore in 2018. Head over to the bands Bandcamp page and give it a listen. Guaranteed to make you want to punch your friends in the face



RATING: 9/10


Stand Out Track: 'Dip Out' (featuring Chris of Chamber Of Malice)






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