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Drowning: First Look at New Album (Review)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Drowning gave us the very first listen of their new album.
You're gonna have to wait for them to announce that!
Shout out to Bryan for always looking out for us here at WWU! 

Chicago. Just the name alone can invoke images of violence and chaos. Home to some and Hell to others, Chicago is definitely not a city for the weak or timid and it seems Drowning knows this well. Their newest album, as of writing yet to be named, is both a love letter to their city and scene but also a warning to those who happen to stand in their way. Move or be moved, Drowning is ready to reach the top.


It been two years since we have had a proper release from Drowning. With Ego Trip, Drowning stuck to what they knew well: crushing, hard hitting Beatdown with brief glimpses of Hip Hop and Nu Metal. Loved it or hated it, you had to admit that it definitely worked for them. Yet with the new album, we see Drowning experimenting with different genres and song structures. While one song will feature a slower tempo and almost Deftones like vibe, the very next track will sound like hammer's coming down on you from all angles while the next will come out of right field with an almost Pop Punk like vibe. It's very jarring at first but it works so well in context. Honestly I can say I never felt bored listening to this album.

These moments of experimentation are definitely the highlights of the album. Don't get me wrong, Ego Trip was a fantastic album. It's still in a constant rotation for me but this new album… I'm completely in love with. Drowning has decided to step outside of their comfort zone and established sound and tell us that they aren't just a Beatdown band. Tracks like “Gods”, while still very heavy, are so melodic and sing along worthy that it makes me excited to hear more. Then you have a tracks like “Fake”, “Run It”, and “Want It More" that have Drowning showing off their Hip Hop and Nu Metal influences. Between the rap style vocals from Bryan and features from Chicago area rappers, Drowning shows that they aren't just a one trick pony. Yet, it wouldn't be a Drowning album without the incredibly heavy breakdowns and violent drums. I know I'm praising Drowning for experimenting but they definitely know how to write heavy songs and make no mistake, this is still a very heavy album. Tracks like “My Response"will definitely be starting a fight in a local pit near you soon while “World of Snakes” (featuring one of my favorite frontmen ever) are both incredibly heavy while still keeping a very Punkish edge to them. I'm not joking when I say this album has something for everyone in it.

Bottom Line:
this new album has definitely become one of my favorite releases this year and its not even properly announced yet. Drowning is maturing into a beast of a band and mark my words:you'll definitely be seeing them blowing up soon. Get on the train while you can. Drowning is ready to take over the world. Also if you like E Town Concrete, this album is must for you! 
Rating: 9.9/10 
Standout Track: "Gods" 

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