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Shit You Should Be Listening To PT 8 (4/23/18)

Sunday, April 22, 2018






I bet you're still burnt out from Friday, huh? Relax and listen to some new music!


10. Antagonize- Demo 2018

Lead by ex-bane vocalist Aaron Bedard, Antagonize is probably one of my favorite hardcore bands to come out in a while. The familiar yelled vocals of Bedard are backed by an absolutely fierce band, ripping through five blistering tracks of pure aggression, the riffs and the beatdowns don't fucking stop.


Top Track: Sunday Best



9. Depravity- Evil Upheaval

It takes a lot for a death metal band to grab my attention, even more to hold it. Often times than not, the genre tends to sound monotonous to me. Depravity has proven to me that death metal done right is insanely good. Dark atmosphere and massive riffs make each song an awesome listening experience. The drummer keeps the band pushing forward at an insane pace, never letting down until the last track except for the more atmospheric moments. Evil Upheaval is an example of straight up brutal, heavy, and well-written death metal that even those who aren't fans of the genre can enjoy.


Top Track: Victimizer




8. Shields- Life in Exile

Shields is a high-paced, progressive metalcore band based out of the UK. Creative guitar leads and choppy riffs and breakdowns make Shields stick out from the rest of the pack within this genre. The clean vocals are welcomed and don't sound like they were forced into the music. The lyrics are very relatable  and emotional and add another layer of aggression and energy to the band.


Top Track: Upside Down





7. No Convictions- S/T


No Convictions is a beatdown/hardcore band from Panama City, FLorida. This band is heavy as fuck. Massive breakdowns following mosh callouts, thick two steps and groovy riffs are this bands specialty. The vocals are my favorite thing about this band. They sound so fucking pissed off, and there are some truely surprising parts throughout this release. This is pit beast music, made to be moshed to. Kill your friends to this shit.


Top Track: Trigger Control




6. Ocean Of Illusions- S/T

Yes, I know we covered this band recently here, but I seriously cannot stop listening to Ocean of Illusions. From Jersey, Ocean of Illusions plays an insane mix of deathcore, progressive metal, and djent to create something creative, melodic, and heavy as fuck. Each song on this track is written incredibly well, featuring blistering solos, crushing breakdowns, and melodic riffs. The vocals are all over the place in the best way possible. In one song you will hear gutterals, low growls, highs, and some really aggressive hardcore yells. They do a great job at keeping their sound fresh throughout each track. 


Top Track: Jukai




5. Spitting Truth- Demo 2018

Spitting Truth is a metallic hardcore band from Quebec. This two song demo really surprised me. I love the old school style of the riffs and the vocals. The two steps are upbeat and insanely catchy and the beatdowns hit hard.  If you are a fan of old school east coast hardcore, you will definitely fuck with Spitting Truth. 


Top Track: Bipolar



4. Yashira- Shrine

Another great band on this list, Yashira is an experimental, sludgy metallic hardcore band from Jacksonville. Shrine is an aggressive, well put together release that bends genre lines. Yashira switches from moody and melodic to aggressive and in your face at will, keeping the listener guessing about what is coming next. Some of the riffs in this album, like the opener from "Embrace" have been stuck in my head all week. Shrine is a very captivating release that I recommend you listen to from beginning to end with good headphones on in one sitting. 


Top Track: Surmise (Descend)


Good Fight Music BandCamp:



3. Black Matter Device- Modern Frenetics

Black Matter Device are one of the more insane bands I have come across. Playing blistering mathcore mixed with whatever the fuck else they want to throw into it, Modern Frenetics is an awesome display of heaviness and creativity. Nothing about this band sounds comparable to others. Frantic, choppy sections are mashed together with brutal breakdowns, southern hardcore riffing, noise elements, and everything else imaginable. Just when this band starts veering into pure noise, they almost forcibly pull themselves back together to produce a blistering riff out of the blue. This vocalist is all over the place, sing and screaming at will, and it fits this band so well. This band does whatever the fuck they want and hold nothing back. 


Top Track: Gloom Balloons




2. Pain Principle- Accept the Pain

Pain Principle is an unforgiving, tough as nails old school crossover/hardcore band from Kraków, Poland. They sounds like they have been ripped straight from the 90's hardcore scene and capture that era's style perfectly.  Pissed off, growling hardcore vocals are accompanied by ass-beating, thrashy fight riffs and incredibly catchy two steps. This band definitely quenches the thirst of a really good, no bullshit hardcore band. 

Top Track: Agony




1. Vamachara- Despondent

I haven't heard a metallic hardcore band this fucking heavy since Xibalba. Everything about this band is awesome. The riffs are very hooky and catchy. A lot of the riffs make me want to fight someone. The breakdowns slam pretty fucking hard and the vocals are tough as nails. I can't wait to finally get my chance to see these guys at This is Hardcore this year, I'm sure the crowd is going to LOVE this shit. 


Top Track: Reign of Hate









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