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A Stranger to Remorse- Blood Magic REVIEW

Friday, April 20, 2018



I don’t normally do reviews of single songs, unless it is included in my Sunday article. Today, I will make an exception. The boys in Stranger to Remorse, from Buffalo, NY, sent me their new single, Blood Magic, before it drops, and goddamn is it a banger. With that being said, let’s pick this track apart!

The first thing that stuck out to me about this song is how damn groovy it is. The song starts off with a melodic lead part and wastes no time going into a choppy, heavy breakdown. The beginning of the song almost sounds like it should be the beginning of a metalcore song, but it soon becomes apparent that the listener is in for a MUCH heavier listening experience. The almost djent-like tone of the guitars paired with deep, modern deathcore style vocals is a surprising mix that goes great together. The vocalist sounds straight up fucking evil and doesn’t once get stale throughout this track. There is a part on the end breakdown where he holds out a sustained guttural and holy fuck it sounds incredible. 

A Stranger to Remorse transitions very well between each part of the song, blending melody and brutality masterfully. The melody of the lead guitar parts is underscored by massive-sounding chugs and chords. The drummer pushes the song through and adds the needed punch to really make this track heavy. More than once in this song did I hear a drum fill that I thought was incredibly creative and added to the groove the band so expertly lays down. 


The groove is where it’s at for A Stranger to Remorse. During the length of “Blood Magic,” you will find yourself either headbanging or tapping along (if you are in work like me). 

There is no benign, slow pretty part in this track. The closest the listener will get to a break in the music is the absolutely massive breakdown at the end. If “Blood Magic” is any indication, A Stranger to Remorse is about to put out some amazing music in the near future, and I can’t fucking wait to sink my teeth into it. 


Check the song out below!




















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