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Shit You Should Be Listening To PT 7 (4/15/2018)

Sunday, April 15, 2018




Listen, I know we just dropped our comp, Violent Mosh Vol. 1, so you got a good amount of music to listen to as it is. But I am not letting that stop me from hunting down 10 bands that you should definitely be jamming the fuck out to. Let's dive in. 


10. Telos- HELIOS​/​SELÊNÊ


It is hard to put my finger best on a genre for Telos, and that is a great thing. The closest I can come is blackened mathcore/post-hardcore. Moody guitar parts and driving drums are accompanied by blistering screams. The more ambient moments of this two song release are broken up with chaotic riffing and a few very memorable and heavy breakdowns, creating a very well-rounded listening experience that most any fan of extreme music can enjoy.  


Top Track: SELÊNÊ





9. Still Standing- Self//Worth


Heavy ass hardcore out of Moline, Illinois, Still Standing has a new album dropping June 9th, and after listening to the two singles they released so far, I am fucking hype to hear the rest. "The Never Ending Catharsis" is a fucking ass beater that can be moshed to from beginning to end. I love the vocals in this band, his open lows sound absolutely pissed off and powerful. If these two songs are any indication, Self//Worth is going to a beast. Check them out and pre-order the album!


Top Track: The Never Ending Catharsis





8. Displacement- Displacement


What the fuck is in the water in Australia? I swear, every band I find from that country is fucking great. Displacement is a hardcore/metalcore band from Perth Australia. The self titled EP is easy to get lost in, each song is bouncy and fast paced, keeping the intensity throughout. The play between the screamed vocals and the cleans, which are more yelled than sung, is a very nice touch and doesn't feel forced or out of place. For a metalcore band, there is really good range in the vocals. The screamer gets pretty damn low in the bands heavier parts unexpectedly, and the mid screams fit the tone of the band perfectly. 


Top Track: Failure





7. Hundred Betrayals- Highs and Lows


Hundred Betrayals is metallic hardcore from Bamberg, Germany. This band quickly grew on me after I found them. Firstly, hardcore lyrics sound badass with a German accent. Second, musically this band rips. The fight riffs hit hard and there are plenty of fun, catchy two steps throughout Highs and Lows. Hundred Betrayals stays true to the more traditional hardcore style of music and they do it very well.


Top Track: A Bunch of Scum




6. Misrule- Forced to Suffer

It's kind of funny. The heaviest band, in my opinion, on this list is a solo project. Misrule is the solo project of Sean Mahoney from Portland, Oregon. Misrule is an unholy combination of death metal, grind and hardcore. The result is an insanely intense, brutal, unrelenting musical assault. The furious pace and blast beats and hectic riffs is contrasted with slow, sludgy moments that feel absolutely massive. 


Top Track: Led to the Grave



5. Concede- Human Epidemic


Oh, look, another band from Perth, further proving my point about Aussie bands. Concede is an upbeat, grindy hardcore outfit. Human Epidemic is a quick and brutal four track EP that will knock you on your ass. Reminiscent of bands like Nails, songs are ridiculously fast and chaotic. Pure anger is seething from this band from the tone of the guitars to the drummer who I am pretty sure is a fucking machine or some shit.  


Top Track: Immolation




4. Wolfpack- Loathe


Wolfpack is a really fucking fun band. Another band on this list from Germany, they play really fucking heavy beatdown/hardcore music. Every song off of Loathe has some very memorable, heavy moments. There isn't a bad song on this release. The riffs are really catchy and the breakdowns and beatdowns hit hard as hell. They have some songs, like "Hover Above Me" that are somber and melodic and even feature some clean singing, yet the aggression and energy is never lost. I would LOVE to see these guys perform live.


Top Track: Pessimist





3. B A I L E R- Bailer


I'm pretty sure this is the first hardcore band I've listened to from Ireland, and I am really impressed. Bailer is a metallic hardcore band from Cork. These guys remind me of the heavier side of metalcore from the early 200's. They sound like, to me, the parts of evergreen terrace that were more screamer focused. Upbeat, bouncy and energetic, Bailer keeps up the intensity throughout all five of the songs on their self titled EP. I really like the lyrics from this band. They are really well thought out and relatable. I really fucking glad i found this band, I will be listening to them for a long time.


Top Track: Tuesday Blues




2. 23/19- Broken


23/19 is a heavy metalcore/hardcore band from, you guessed it, Australia, specifically Adelaide. At this point, that's all I should need to say for you to know this band is really good. Filled with fight riffs and heavy ass breakdowns, 23/19 brings the heat throughout all five tracks off of Broken.  23/19 will quench your thirst for bouncy, groovy breakdowns and will keep your head banging right up to the last track.


Top Track: Crucio




1. Rained In- Demo 2018


Rained in is Derek from Defeator's brand new side project, and let me just say it is a big departure from Defeator. Rained In is a more traditional hardcore band. Derek's vocals have a real old school vibe to them and they are executed damn near perfectly. Every song rips through at a furious pace and features some mean ass beatdowns and fight riffs. Some of the riffs on this demo have been stuck in my head since the day I found out about this band. I really hope something more than just a side project comes out of this. I would love to catch them live someday. Maybe they can tour with END? One can only hope. 


Top Track: Loose Ends





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