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Heretic Records Caught Charging an Absurd Amount For Signing, Video Content

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


A Facebook post that was made earlier today via Epic Breakdowns, Heretic Records' Colby and Sierra Bell are being called out for a few reasons that are all brought to light via screenshots. This post states that they were charging bands $1000 just to SIGN with them. To add to that insanity, they also were charging $1200 for a damn lyric video! They also claim to have a catalog of "over 600 bands" that they are watching closely, and when questioned about it they jump to attacking that person instead of answering their legitimate question. 
All this was brought to light via EPIC BREAKDOWNS a Music/Meme Page. BOTTOM LINE, DO NOT PAY A LABEL TO BE ON THE ROSTER. A label is supposed to invest in YOU. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Here's the post with everything you need to know, Bell commented in this post "defending" himself but seems he did even more damage. 

 Additional Meme that basically sums it up! 



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