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WWU Chat's w/ Andrew of Gutterlife (Interview)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


 Photo: @klintonian

WWU: Firstly how is the gutter-camp these days? also whats the plans for the release next month?
GL: So far we’re all pretty happy campers! We have a few things in the works for the summertime and we should be announcing them soon. Our full length album “Radio Silence” will be available on iTunes, Spotify and many other places 4/13/18, which is ironically on a Friday the 13th. A release show will be held 4/14/18 at The Lizard Lounge in Lancaster, PA during and part of this years Launch Music Conference Festival! As for our hometown fans back on Long Island, there will be an album release show at Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amityville, NY 5/12/18 which will also double as my birthday show so I’m pretty stoked about that!

WWU: How excited are you for everyone to hear this new masterpiece called "Radio Silence" ?
GL: Excitement is an understatement at this point. We started writing and recording this album when we came back from California living homeless in a van 3 years ago. It took awhile to release because we had to work through a few legal things in regards to label representation and a few other behind the scenes stuff.

WWU: How was the writing and recording process different on this album compared to the last 2?
GL: Writing has opened up a little more considering Matt (our singer) wrote the first two ep’s by himself, he let the band take the wheel a bit with this one and still put his own two cents into ideas here and there. I’m grateful to be in a band where no one fights over what part might sound better or if someone only wants to play things their way. That’s no fun being in a band with people like that. Recording has been all the same with the same trusted team ever since the beginning. Gotta give it to Frank Bones from Down the Drain Productions and Mike Watts and his crew over at VuDu Studios. Without them our vision would never come to life.


WWU: Your last tour across the country didn't go as planned, A Major break down left ya'll stranded in Cali, any advice for touring bands to help them overcome issues such as that and other lessons learned in the process?
GL:  I wouldn’t really call it a tour to be honest, mainly because after our 3rd vehicle broke down (which by the way we had more breakdowns than a Bury Your Dead record) we sold it for what we could, got a moving company to transport our equipment from Hollywood to Long Island and bought plane tickets and came back home like that. Best vehicle advice I can give is NEVER BUY A FORD! There’s a reason why f.o.r.d can also be an acronym for “Found On Road Dead” Best general advice I could give is, live in the moment and take it all in when things go south, remember to be happy and positive at all times. Fate has its way of working itself out when shit hits the fan...but only if you stay positive in the worst moments.

WWU:  Personally, I really love the song "Whats the Matter" off the new album, is there a video in the plans for it? Also what is your personal favorite track from the new album?
GL: Unfortunately there is no plans for “What’s the Matter?” Having a music video anytime soon. Personally I don’t really have a favorite track they’re all good in their own ways. The versatility on this album compared to the recent EP’s is a little more vast, so I’m hoping people keep an open mind when listening and appreciate what was going thru our heads as we lived homeless together on the west coast.


WWU: Do you guys plan on leaving the states anytime soon? maybe bless Canada or even as far as Europe with your presence?
GL: I don’t think we will touch Europe at all this year which sucks because I’ve been told and seen online how crazy Europe, Asia and South America can get but we’ll get there eventually. I’m not too sure about Canada but I’m assuming we’d have a better chance hitting our neighbors up north first very very soon!

WWU:  What would you have to say to anyone who hasn't heard of GL before? Where should they start?
GL: You can Stream our first to albums, Id start there and work your way up! 

WWU: To conclude this interview, Is there any additional info you want people to know?
GL:  PRE-ORDER our new album on iTunes!

PRE-ORDER 'Radio Silence' by Clicking here




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