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Shit You Should Be Listening To PT 4 (3/25/2018)

Sunday, March 25, 2018







Another Sunday, another list. Enjoy and support underground music!


10. Vivisektor- Vivisektor EP 2017


Vivisektor is a death metal and thrash crossover band from Covington, Louisiana. The song writing from this band is incredible, each song is very moody and atmospheric and the vocalist has a very distinct tone. He mixes old and new school death metal elements, mixing low, rumbling growls with evil and crushing gutterals. The chemistry within the band is incredible and it really shows when they lay down a really satisfying groove and switch right up into blast beats paired with intensely fast-paced vocal patterns. The Vivisektor EP is meant to be listened to from start to end, showing a clear progression in the songs, and will keep you interested, as well as pretty surprised, until the last song.


Top Track: Salvation






9. The Clockwork Deity


The Clockwork Deity, out of the UK, calls themselves operatic deathgrind, and I feel like that is a very accurate way to describe this band. This is one of the most interesting bands I have listened to in a long time. It is like a Frankenstein’s monster of two different genres crudely sewn together to create this ungodly, face-melting amalgamation. I mean that in the best way possible. One second, the band is playing a really beautifully, flowery section filled with ambience, and the next some of the most chaotic, spontaneous grindcore riffs I’ve heard. This band takes the unrelenting aggression and approaches it with a more structured strategy. You will not find any 35 second songs on this EP, and these longer songs can and will grab your attention for the full length of the EP. The vocalist of this band is devastatingly low and just adds to the juxtaposition of the beautiful symphony and the brutal chaos that the band puts forward.


Top Track: Resisting Possession Through the Consumption of Internal Organs





8. A Moment in Pompeii


A Moment in Pompeii is a heavy as fuck metalcore band from Pittsburg, PA. Another metalcore band that seems as though they are trying to bring back some of the older styles found in metalcore, and doing it right. A Moment in Pompeii reminds me a lot of bands like I Killed The Prom Queen. Low, open vocals complimented by metallic riffs and fast, groovy breakdowns are juxtaposed against crunchy two steps, low, slow and heavy breakdowns, and surprisingly low gutterals peppered throughout the tracks. Every song has a part that will surprise the hell out of you in a good way. As soon as you start thinking “these guys sounds familiar,” they switch it up. Whether that is a really catchy, clean vocal hook, or deathcore style gutterals over a really heavy breakdown, these guys are not scared to play around with genre lines and it has worked out very well in their favor.

Top Track: The Patriot





7. Fractured Frames


Fractured Frames, from Asheville, North Carolina, is a very diverse metalcore/djent band. The first thing that stuck out to me is the vocalist. You dont hear many vocalists in this genre with as low of a tone, but this guy gets down. The clean vocals featured throughout this release were unexpected but fit the music incredibly well and have a more old school feel to them. The cleans in "Fight the Dead" almost remind me of the Deftones. It sounds great contrasted against the groovy, choppy riffs and the aggressive screamed vocals. Everybody in this band is incredibly talented. The guitar work shifts from beutiful, ambient chords and solos to more agressive, driving riffs seamlessly multiple times a song. Every song off the Self Titled release is written incredibly well and listening to it from front to back in one sitting is HIGHLY recommended.


Top Track: Captivate




6. Decayer- 16 Roses


Decayer is one of the few modern deathcore bands I can REALLY get behind. This band puts so much energy and emotion into the music they create and the result is some brutally powerful music. With a new release dropping EP dropping soon  titled "The Agony Cycle," the band released 16 Roses as a single. This song is one of the most emotional, personal songs I have ever heard a deathcore band put out. It is about the loss of the vocalist Harrison's sister. The lyrics are so raw and so easy for many, many other people to relate to that I found myself getting choked up listening to this song. It is a beautifully written, sad, and crushing piece of music that really shows the true potential of this band. 






5. Common Choir- Roman Hands/ Lower Roads Home


Common Choir is a metalcore band that is reminiscent of bands of metalcore's past. The two single's released by the band, Roman Hands and Lower Road home, are upbeat, driving metalcore songs that just feel familiar to the people that miss the days of bands like Catherine, "Plagues" era The Devil Wears Prada, Beneath the Sky, and the other metalcore acts from that era. Bouncy, driving two steps are broken up by choppy and groovy breakdowns. The lyrics are very well written and interesting to listen along to and the contrast between the scramed vocals and the clean singing sounds awesome. We need more metalcore bands bringing back this sound. 


Top Track: Lower Road Home 




4. Intercourse- Everything is Pornography When You've Got an Imagination 


Intercourse is a hardcore punk/grindcore band From New Haven, Connecticut. My first play through of this EP, left me feeling like I was hit in the face. Each track is chaotic and blistering and there is no let up in sight. The vocalist furiously yells some of the most wild lyrics I have heard in a very long time. It is hard to put this band into words, but I love it and everybody should listen to these guys at LEAST once.


Top Track: Selling Fake Acid at Ozzfest





3. Crypt- Use Only as Directed Vol. 1


I am not going to lie, Crypt impressed me right from the beginning. Not only because of the music, but from the whole experience that Crypt has created with the release of Use Only as Directed. Yes, you can find this music on Spotify, Google Music, and Apple music, but in my opinion the best way to get this ep is through their own website, If you sign up, you will be emailed one track a day from the band. Included in the email is a link to the track. The link leads you to a page that describes the band's inspiration for the song and how the song came to be. It is a very cool, very personal experience that makes you appreciate the music even more. Speaking of the music, the best way I can describe Crypt is hardcore mixed with rock n roll with a southern vibe. The music is fast paced and the guitarists absolutely shred. Some of the riffs are so catchy that I don't think I could ever get them out of my head. Go give this band a listen and support, I will certainly be following them closly.




Where to find the EP:



2.  Cruel Division- S/T


A metallic Hardcore band from Limburg, Germany, Cruel Division brings the heat with this self titled EP. Fast and relentless, this band writes music about the many things that suck in this world which gives them a more crust punk feel. There are plenty of catchy two step beats and groovy fight riffs to get down with that actually mixes very well with the crust punk influences. 


Top Track: Thoughts in the Ashes






1.Jinn- S/T


 I think this is actually the first hardcore band on the list this week. Jinn is a metallic hardcore band from North Bay Ontario, Canada. This EP actually just dropped today and it fucking rips. The lyrics and the vocals are incredibly dark and angry. The band behind the vocals tears through break-neck riffs and beatdowns. This four track release is loud, fast and abrasive as all hell. It ends just as furiously as it started and it left me, and surely you, wanting to listen to it over and over again. 


Top Track: Termination Call





















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