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Mercy Blow Blow Their Chance

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

  Bands in the extreme music world have been dropping like flies recently. This week’s newly deceased include beatdown-metal outfit Mercy Blow. First let me say that this bums the absolute hell out of me. Mercy Blow insanely beefed up the standard for hardcore while attracting members of the death metal community. With two demos, a decent following, and a recent partnership with Artery Global; things we’re looking pretty solid for Mercy Blow. Until this surfaced… 


Mercy Blow lead guitarist and founder Ryan Giordano not only soiled their chances but also may have sent the all time cringiest sext. It instantly burst into flames and became the hottest meme within the hardcore community. The (very unfortunate) recipient screenshotted the text and sent it to Ryan’s GIRLFRIEND at the time and then it somehow found its way online. Besides being a “fuckboy”, it is rumored that the girl was a minor at the time. This has been confirmed and denied by multiple sources, so who really knows at this point.

 Following this revelation, other members of Mercy Blow scurried away from the situation. Then more accusations and inbox photos surfaced essentially throwing other members under the bus. To sum it up; the band broke up, there was drama, and in a matter of days we’ll probably be on the next dramatic thing in the hardcore scene.


 If the girl was underage, then there are some serious legal and moral issues here. However if not, then we lost another decent band over some dumbass behavior. Objectifying and not giving women the respect they deserve is never okay, and neither is that sext. Jesus Christ that makes me shudder (but it is hysterical). It’s 2018, and it should be obvious how to act when in a professional band. As musicians, we can’t do moronic shit like this. Inappropriate jokes or behavior, even behind the scenes, can and will come back to haunt you. Once a band’s reputation is damaged it is near possible to fix. Just ask The Faceless.


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