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NEW MUSIC: Delinquents - Quest For Truth Review

Sunday, March 18, 2018


After roughly two years since the release of the Face Of Evil EP, Madison, Wisconsin’s own Delinquents are back with a slew of new and unreal jams. This band has done some growing and has also taken some time to reflect and pour themselves out into another musical effort. Upon listening to this album, I quickly realized that I didn’t know exactly what o was in for, and in the best way possible.

We are met at the beginning of this 10-song adventure with “Quick Buck”, which start this album on a fierce and unapologetic note and prepares you for what is still to come. With one song leading right into the next, “Quest For Truth” continues this intense sound while also bringing forth this verbal onslaught in the first minute or so, where it’s just so hard not to notice how the syllables flow seamlessly and only makes the music and overall sound that much better. “Got It All Wrong” is brief and definitely hits harder. It is the first song on the album that really starts to get in your face, feeling almost like the entire band is right in front of you and you can feel the intensity and emotion being put into this music. “Set Me Up” continues to nail this album into your brain, as every track (much like this one) so far has done its job to keep your attention while being real, raw and honest. “Clouded Mind” is a bit more vocally driven but just as fierce and even has a bit more harsher vocals towards the end that really stands out from the rest of the song.


 “Distant” is a brief instrumental interlude, which is a very short vacation away from the madness, a break for your brain to process all that has already been said and done. This transitions into “Day Old Donut Sale” which brings that in-your-face attitude back, just further proving the range in sound they can accomplish, along with the oh-so gentle reminder: “Keep sleeping, pussies.” “OD” lets you know of it’s more serious tone right off the bat, with a less of a rage and more of a comforting feeling that only listening to it will make you truly understand what I am talking about. After this, “What They Didn’t Know” brings you back into the madness, which just furthers feeling that listening to the Quest For Truth makes you feel, which to me is the feeling of wanting to grab a shovel or rake and start swinging it while running down the street. Closing things up is “DHC Mentality” is the perfect ending to this album, detailing the struggles and challenges getting to where they are today; “DHC, baby.”

Delinquents Quest For Truth is Wisconsin hardcore at its finest. While still sounding like their previous EP, this album has a refined and perfected version of the sound displayed in previous work. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to make bigger waves than others may realize. As the have truly taken the time to deliver a masterpiece of an album. To fans old and new, join this band on their Quest For Truth. And to the rest:

Keep sleeping, pussies.


Rating - 10/10

After much thought and deliberation, I present to Delinquents my first perfect score. These guys have been fuckin' with WWU since the release of their last EP, and they have really outdone themselves with this album. Quest For Truth comes out March 21st, so make sure you support this amazing band.





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