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OrganHarvest & Comic Arson - The Black Market Sessions EP Review

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Comic Arson and OrganHarvest have presented us with quite an intensely brutal and grind-tastic piece of work. This split EP, appropriately titled The Black Market Sessions will more than likely cause any non-metal head or anyone over the age of 65 to violently erupt into a cloud of fire. Lovers of the more intense end of the metal spectrum will definitely want to take a peek at this. A bit of a longer EP, which provides about 30 minutes of absolute race-melting jams.

This split EP starts off with three tracks from OrganHarvest, the first being “Born to Consume”, which really sets the tone for the auditory homicide that is about to take place in your ears. “The Infinite Storm” follows and that’s when I noticed they’re putting the drummer on display in this song, demonstrating real speed and rhythm, definitely standing out from the rest of the band while still complimenting the overall sound. “Landfall” lulls you in with a moment of atmospheric, ambient beauty before bringing you back to a slow and deadly madness before picking the tempo up once more, truly cementing this song onto your brain while bringing their portion of this chaotic wonder to a close.

Next is Comic Arson’s “Introvert” to begin the second half of this project, starting off with a sound clip clearly readying you for the all out war on (almost) all of your senses. The shift in sounds is quite noticeable, and Comic Arson comes out swinging with a whole new level of brutality. “Weeping Scabs” keeps the in-your-face brutality as these blisteringly intense blasts trickle down into a bit of a softer jam, but only briefly before getting sucked back into the madness. “The Final Species” makes one last push before closing out this short yet intense journey. This final push is absurdly heavier than the last two songs, and only intensifies further before the true end to the madness.

OrganHarvest and Comic Arson are truly the perfect fit for this split EP. Although varying slightly in their sound, these two bands bring these two halves together to bring you this cumulative project. There is no telling where either Comic Arson or OrganHarvest will go from this collaborative effort, but with such powerful and attention-grabbing sounds, it’s safe to say that we aren’t ready for when these bands release more material on their own terms, as a full album from either of these bands will likely cause natural disasters and entice riots in the most timid of people.   

Keep a look for this Split hits streets late April or early May via UPSTATE RECORDS.

MUST LISTEN - "Landfill"


RATING - 8.5 /10



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