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GRVE - libellum mortem: Album Review

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Hailing from Greensboro North Carolina, GRVE is a harsh noise one man project that I have been tracking for some time. For those of you not aware, Harsh noise is a genre that consists of feedback and static arranged in a way that it creates what I like to call is music. For the full history definitely check out this video explaining it all.

libellum mortem is the 15th release from this project and going in I was exited. I have heard that some of these songs were recorded during the artists darkest days. (Will get into that later)  Some of these songs dating back years.  

This album starts out how you would expect a typical noise album to start. Jump cuts to various sounds, from a car starting to the sound of a television. However around half way through this song it all starts to order itself and become what is Photograph 1.  What follows is more of the harsh noise you would expect. It's loud. It's filled with echo and reverb. However you can sometimes hear a melody gliding through the broken sound. Like on the 2nd track "Wheeler & The Woodlief". However the highlight of this to me has to be track 6 entitled "Carlisle".


Cailisle was recorded around 2 years ago during a suicide attempt by GRVE. You can hear the pain he is in with every scream. Every word spit out.  When you hear the words "I will fucking do it..I promise..." you can hear the seriousness.. When he starts chanting what I think is "I will break you, like you broke me. I will kill you, like you killed me. I will cut you, like I cut me. I will destroy you. Like you've destroyed me" I again stress, I think this is what he said. But nonetheless these were originally someones last words. His goodbye to the world. And all of this is screamed in agony over the most unsettling and overwhelming pulse of noise. When I first heard it, I wasn't able to sleep right. For a good 2 days I couldn't stop listening to it yet it just freaked me out. Like at any moment I could snap and do the same which as someone who has never considered self harm or suicide was a frightening thought. While not as bad, the next track "Rollinwood Dr" consists of a recording of a real therapy session. Hearing the thoughts and the life of this man. Really depresses you and as he responds to the last question, a wall of loud static noise envelopes you. Suffocating your senses. These 2 tracks were in my opinion the highlight.

Bottom Line: GRVE is not for the light hearted. It is not for the easily creeped out.  This will bother you. But for those who can give this a full listen and make it completely through, you will have a new appreciation for your life along with a new appreciation to this genre of music.


Rating: 9/10


Stand Out Track: Carlisle, and Rollinwood Dr




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