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NEW RELEASE: Valley Intruder - Funeral Wreath Review

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Valley Intruder have truly brought something to the table with their first EP Funeral Wreath. This is truly one of those albums that has “a little something for everyone” all spread out through the songs. As you dive into it, you will definitely realize that their influences are taken from all over the metal spectrum, so to speak.

This EP starts off in a very eerie place, and it is not soon after the piano starts, but quickly winds down into the first seconds of the brutality that is “Vessels”. Low grunts and gurgles throughout the beginning of the song truly captures the feeling they are trying to express. The next song is “Six Paths” and it definitely picks up the pace compared to the track before, but the breakdowns are very reminiscent of its predecessor, but they definitely keep your attention through this song just as well as the first. Quickly starting in after is “Child Of Malice”, while this song keeps the pace of the song before it, the song also presents a couple of haunting bits containing clean vocals, and it does its job to keep the overall tone of the record clear and concise.


Next up is “Rule of Two” which is not that much of a departure from the last, being that the clean vocals really keep your focus and keep your attention transitioning, and it brings you back in for the madness soon to follow. “Mahogany” brings your attention back to the brutality and less of the harmonic work, and then slams you back into it as if nothing ever happened, only to be met by brief ambient guitar work, only to be thrown right back into the madness. Lastly, “Strychnine” closes out this EP, and it is definitely on a solid and powerful note. Power is definitely the only word that comes to mind as the music kicks in, as they truly try their best to cement the memory of this EP into your head.

Valley Intruder have a very amazingly unique sound. While heavy in almost every meaning of the word, the clean vocals add a very nice touch to the album that they may not have been able to accomplish without it. Combing elements from metal genres across the board, Funeral Wreath is a great start for Valley Intruder that only leaves them open to more opportunities. 


MUST LISTEN - "Mahogany"


RATING - 9.5 /10





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