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HAIR SLAM JAMS: Basilica - Orbit Has Ceased Review

Friday, March 2, 2018


Basilica is (self?)defined as hair slam, the combination of your parents favorite music growing up and the fun metal sub genre we’ve all come to know and love. As nutty as it sounds, it’s definitely on a listen then judge basis. This EP takes the genre-morphing that has been taking place in the scene for a while to a whole different level.

Orbit Has Ceased begins with a short heavy blurb followed by a very hairy metal-esque riff which is dedicated as the intro to this hair slam mania. The title track“Orbit Has Ceased” is probably where they got the “hair slam” name from because when you hear it your first thoughts are “hair metal?”, followed by “SLAM?” - in all seriousness, this song showcases Basilica’s unique sound very well, a combination you simply have to hear to believe. Abruptly following, “To Suffer” allows the bands to tinker around in their heavier realm. Not to say the extreme genre bending is bad, it’s just nice to hear subtle influence as well. “Primal” slows things down while maintaining (if not, increasing) in heaviness before showing off a bit more of a hair metal sound in the mix. “Uxor” closers out this interesting and fun introduction to hair slam while almost evenly splitting the sound of this song down the middle, reminding the listener of the unreal yet intriguing mixture that has taken place.


Hair slam - from its name, down to the sound, is something you need to experience for yourself. Basilica has something that has potential on their hands, and there’s no telling where they’ll go from here.  


MUST LISTEN - "Orbit Has Ceased"


RATING - 8.5/10


Orbit Has Ceased is available now! Go pick it up and support Basilica if you’re feeling it! 





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