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NEW MUSIC: Constance - Recognize Your Potential Review

Friday, March 2, 2018


Central Wisconsin’s Constance are ready to dish out their brand of metalcore-inspired jams in the form of their debut full length album, Recognize Your Potential. Given a few years since the release of their EP, Revive, has provided the band with time to hone in and perfect their sound for all to hear.

Kicking things off is “Hope(Less)”, drawing you in and readying you for the almost bipolar nature of this album, flipping between the metalcore and post-hardcore on top of blending it together for the true Constance experience. As this fades out, you are met with “Blackwell” which is a very quick change of pace and is definitely meant to stand out next to the previous song. It seems that the mood and tempo changes are just what the song needs to keep you actively wondering what’s being thrown at you next. “Second Thoughts” assaults your eardrums right from the beginning, which definitely feels like the song itself is reaching out and slapping you in the face (in the best way possible of course). Next is “Falsifier” brings a definite melodic metalcore vibe will still staying in the realm of post-hardcore, but this song keeps shifting between these, flowing between the genres seamlessly. “A Moment Of Awakening” is a short instrumental bit that beautifully ties together this album, almost like steaming together two projects and bringing them together as one, just as the genres work together in this song, being molded together to provide something extraordinary.


“Sentient (feat. Jarred Steffen)” begins to set the mood as the instrumental begins to pick up again. The guest vocals, along with this winding and twisting of a few different genres, just emphasizes the changes that much more. “Symbiosis” lets the heaviness stick around a bit longer and definitely shows a heavier side that some of the previous songs only sampled. “White Shores (feat. Jake Olson)”, in my opinion, will be the most addicting and repeatable song on this whole album, which continues to show Constance embrace that heaviness that has been trickling in slowly throughout the entirety of Recognize Your Potential. “Luster (feat. Evan Jordon)” starts to wrap up the album with a gorgeous instrumental, which is only made that much better by QuietKind guitarist Evan Jordon. “Downhearted” is the final track that finishes off this melodic masterpiece, with one last final push to the end before finally winding down to silence.

Post-hardcore reaching out for the aid of metalcore - that is exactly what you’ll get with Recognize Your Potential. They took their sound and made it so much bigger and better while still staying true to what they know and do best. I could go on forever about this band, but it’s best you listen to Recognize Your Potential and decide for yourself.

Constance’s debut full length, Recognize Your Potential will be available Friday, March 2! If you like what you hear, please support this band.

MUST LISTEN - “White Shores (feat. Jake Olson”

RATING - 9/10

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