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REVIEW: Dealey Plaza - Culture and Circumstances EP

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


The way someone is brought up, how they are raised can very much determine a lot about that individual and how they will live the rest of their lives. Some people may have been given "the short end of the stick" compared to others, which can cause tension. People feel cheated in life, while others will never know what this feeling compares to. Culture and Circumstances drives deeper into the feeling of being cheated, forgotten about, and living in a place once called "home", but feeling like hat home has changed in a negative way. Culture and Circumstances begins and ends on sort of the same blistering note, which I believe is beneficial in this case because the whole EP gets the same overall message through and it all works together in some way.


We are met at the gates with “Bricks”, which definitely sets a very real tone, and is all strategically placed and timed to do just that, preparing for a brief but real conversation with the listener. “Landlords” takes the reality a bit further, as well as pushing the feeling of the previous song a step further, with the timing of each instrument almost giving the listener a dose of auditory anxiety. This is followed by “Home”, which as an instrumental sounds like it could be the soundtrack to someone’s murder (hell, it sounds like that with the lyrics too). In a seriousness, it is definitely a pit-starter and it hold onto that intense of a feeling only for this track it seems, as it brings something of its own to the table amongst the rest of the songs. Mere seconds after, in comes “Divide” which definitely explains a hatred for humans, explaining the divide (an imaginary one, at that) in society that people seem to see between cultures, social classes, etc. and it seems like this message tries to stand out a little more than the others, like they’re pointing out what they see is a real issue and the emotions behind it. Lastly, “Unrequited” drones in, starting a bit slower than the rest of the songs, only prolonging the inevitable. Listening to it a few times, it definitely shares the same feeling as The Acacia Strain’s “Beast” but in a much heavier and cleaner fashion, and is a great way to wrap up this EP.

Dealey Plaza’s Culture and Circumstances is a dose of reality for any and all listeners. This EP touches on fighting for survival type of attitudes, cultural boundaries, and a home that doesn’t feel too much like home, all while being real; They honestly do everything they can to keep the gap between them and the listener bridged and open at all times, spewing out everything they can about their feelings leaving you to reflect on your thoughts regarding those feelings once the last song finishes.



Rating: 9 / 10 





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