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Fat Kid Turned Model: Attila's Fronz was on MTV's Made

Sunday, February 18, 2018



So it may or may not be News to you that Chris Fronz of Attila was on that MTV show MADE. The Show consists of selecting teens and transforming them /motivating them into being something different and extreme. This episode they found this haggard metal teen and wanted to transform him into a model. Weight loss, acne loss, PLUGS SEWED UP?, everything had to change. Little did they know they were giving birth to one of the edgiest millionaires on this planet, But hey.. "millionaire" is all that matters in that sentence..I guess.. The original episode is hard to track down, unplayable on Mtv's site and youtube channels. However, we did find an Episode of "Life After Made" catching up with the Fronzilla.
(After Mtv's Annoying ad)

Life After Made - Fronzie Episode:




Fronz discussing the matter years later:


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