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WWU Chats with Kevin Swanson of Lust

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Cameron (WWU): Why choose the name Lust? Is there any significance behind that?


Kevin (Lust): We as a whole, jumbled a few names back and forth to one another and when Lust came to the attention, it just stuck. You don't know what to expect from that group. You might hear hard fight riffs or you might hear beautiful soft melodies, you just don't know. The intent is for the band name to not determine what style we are playing ever.


WWU: Even though Lust has material due out in the spring, you guys a sound that is yours - what bands have inspired the sound you guys have created thus far?


Lust: The influence we seem to gravitate toward the most is OG metalcore, like Disembodied, all out war, snapcase, earth crisis, botch. Even new bands that keep that style of metalcore alive and relevant like Jesus Piece, Vein, Code Orange. We just want to play the music we enjoy hearing.


WWU: Awesome! While we’re on the subject of other bands, VA has A LOT of crazy bands throughout the scene. Do you have any favorites?


Lust: Current favorites of Virginia would have to be our boys in Deathsinger, Catalyst, War Bonds, Beggars Row, Faded, Etc. also, can't forget about other genres too, Crossjoint putting in work to Keep VA on the map for hip hop.


WWU: Solid choices! I don’t even live in the area and it would be hard for me to pick.


Spring is fast approaching and so is the release of Process of Life and Death. Is there an official date set aside or is that still to be determined?



Lust: We are still getting a set date arranged, but it may come earlier than expected due to having some really helpful connects. We wanna have enough time to promote and make ourselves a new Staple for the east coast. Our schedule for 2018 is tour heavy and we can't wait.


WWU: That’s tight! On the lighter side of things, if you were stranded on an island and had three albums to listen to, which would they be?


Lust: Extremely easy for me - Slipknot - Iowa, Turnover - Magnolia, Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman. I gotta have a little bit of everything if we are being honest.


WWU: Now that you say that I have to ask, what else have you been jamming lately?


Lust: I've honesty been listening to the new Old Wounds and the newest Turnover record is gold. Jazz influences throughout the whole record. Mainly just the same old stuff though, Mastodon,Slipknot,Youth Code.


WWU: Finish this sentence: if you like (blank), then you will definitely enjoy Lust!


Lust: If you enjoy heavy riffs and beautiful melodies, then you will definitely enjoy Lust!


WWU: Would you say that Process of Life and Death has a singular message in it that you felt was necessary to convey with your debut, our did you feel it would be best to use it as sort of an introduction to your overall sound?


Lust: It's a concept record for sure. It's about the harsh ups and downs of life but making peace with the passing of time and eventually your death. Deals with the subjects I never liked to speak about publicly. Finally I can though and it feels fantastic. I personally feel this is the best record we could of recorded, putting 5 completely different personalities in one room. Definitely the most therapeutic record I've ever recorded.


WWU: Wonderful! Is there anything else you would like to say before we wrap things up?


Lust: I would like to say a huge Thank You to Worldwide Underground, for this interview. Thank you to Michael Yager (Depreciator & Grievance) for the mix and mastering of the record. Stay updated with the record at Facebook: Lust Va

Instagram: Lusthc

Lust 2018 The process begins


Worldwide Underground would like to sincerely thank Lust for their time. It was a pleasure talking with you, and we wish you the best of luck with the impending release of Process of Life and Death. 

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