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GAG: Security Says "NO WAY" to Naked Singer

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Gag is a grind-punk band from Who Knows? In this [hate5six] Video you can see this amazingly entertaining set where things get pretty fucking weird. I enjoy this style of music, and I've seen some crazy things from acts all around the world. This is no disappointment to the odd-world of grind. Their Vocalist starts the set off with an adidas looking tracksuit with a creepy babyface mask, slowly becoming a stripper before your eyes. First taking the mask off, jacket, then superman's his pants off like it's nobody's business. Thankfully he got to finish the song in his birthday suit before getting carted off stage. That's when things seem to get fun, he returns obviously forced to put pants on. flashes his peter from time to time. Please keep in mind, This crowd enjoys a good naked man during their grindful night. It's basically grind culture to get assback naked, the Stance that it takes is more punk rooted, Anti-society type stuff. I say just let them do them! Enjoy the show from up close or from a far or not at all, the choice is yours! 

Disclaimer: The video is Censored but we advise anyone that is not classified as an adult to send this to their parents first for approval......


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