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NEW RELEASE: Mutilate - SEWN SHUT Review

Thursday, February 1, 2018


With a fresh EP ready to be unleashed to the world, New Jersey's own Mutilate definitely has one hell of a project on their hands. Forged from what seems like it can only be pure hatred, SEWN SHUT is a brutal collection of semi-murderous thoughts that all culminate into a work of wonderful dark art. Because of this, we are proud to take you on a journey through this EP, almost like an audible haunted house of sorts. 


The first track is "SENTENCED", which is a very abrupt and honest intro that not only pulls you into the madness, but the song itself almost serves up this sampler platter that shows what this album is about,previewing a little bit of everything that the listener will experience. With only seconds to spare you from the ferocious onslaught, "BURIED ALIVE", begins, a song thats heaviness is equally matched by its catchiness and is conveniently spread even across this entire track. "PUTRID LIFE" is hatred at its finest. Where some may feel this song lacks in length it makes up for in terms of disturbing sound clips, brutality, and the cherry on top, the feeling this song gives the listener, which is the feeling that you want to dropkick the closest human being to you. The title track, "SEWN SHUT", will further heighten the feeling the previous track provides you with as this band works in tandem, almost seamlessly noticeably better than the rest of the songs. It is almost as if the title track was meant to stand out, almost as if this band is saying "If we want you to remember anything from this whole experience, it would be this song." This song leads into "CONSUMED BY MISERY", which is just filled to the brim with pain and provides a perfect expression of violence in a form that most people would repress, and this is where you come across some of the most honest material that a band can make, in my opinion. On top of this, the song as a whole captures the emotion in every aspect and presents it to you for you to experience for yourself. Wrapping up this audible adventure is "DRAGGED, DISMEMBERED, DISSOLVED", where things seem to slow down the most, closing out the album as a whole, almost abruptly when you hear "Dragged to your fucking grave" and then the album stops a mere seconds after this, leaving the listener feeling like that track ended too early, even after listening to it more than once, and leave them wanting more and more each time.


SEWN SHUT is brutal, it is unapologetic for the way it is, it is balanced as a whole, and most of all it is brilliantly disastrous. Mutilate gave a glimpse into what they have to offer as a band, and it just leaves you repeating the album once its done playing, finding something different each time, even miniscule, that you may enjoy about it. Mutilate gave a very strong and raw work of art that is hard to compete with, and i hope others look to them and take note because they're doing it right! 




RATING - 9.5/10





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