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WWU Chats with Adult Entertainer/Producer Myra Gold

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Miranda a.k.a. "Myra Gold"
Dayton/ Cincinnati, Ohio
Adult Entertainer/ Content Producer

WWU: Do you have any hobbies or things in general you enjoy or like to do?
MYRA: I'm into yoga, singing, pole dancing, and learning new things, just hanging out with my friends and getting into stuff, and of course video editing, just about anything sexual, traveling, and going to shows.


WWU:Tell us about how you got into hardcore and a little about your involvement in the scene.

MYRA: When it comes to my involvement in hardcore I wish I had more to offer. I'm not in a band or anything cool like that unfortunately, although I've always wanted to be. I have personally only booked two shows my entire life. My old roommate used to put on tons of shows in his basement and has run sound for a majority of local shows over the years so I can't count how many times I'd help set up and tear down, load speakers, and just help with a lot of the footwork. Touring bands would always come through and crash with us. We actually got shut down for doing shows at the house but were able to start again things have just toned down a lot especially since we've had more steady venues in Cincinnati recently because we spent so long jumping around from place to place. No one wanted to put up with the rowdiness. Something would always happen and ruin it for the spots we had. I've ran sound for a handful of shows on my own. Besides that I have just been going to hardcore shows and supporting since about 2012. I went to a handful of shows before that but that was really before I could appreciate Hardcore for what it is and what it means to me now. Before that I just listened to a lot of different metal and other music and went to those types of shows since I was like 12 so that was around 2007



WWU: If you had to list your top 5 Favorite Bands who would they be?

MYRA: I very honestly could not give you a top 5 favorite band list because I enjoy so many different bands for different reasons, but some of my go to's and bands that really helped me fall in love with hardcore are Terror, The Greenery, Life of Agony, Expire, Death Before Dishonor, Take Offense, Rude Awakening, The Banner, H2O, The Mongoloids, and Trapped Under Ice.






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