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#NEVERFORGET: Hardcore Crew on History channel's Gangland

Saturday, January 20, 2018


#Neverforget is going to be a weekly "crazy or WTF moments" series presented by yours truly. We will be focusing on moments Extreme music meets mainstream television.  Why not start this out with that one time a hardcore crew made it onto Gangland. Gangland is a show on History Channel, showcasing both sides of the gang life. This episode they focused on FSU. We have all heard the stories of crazy shows gone bad and FSU being the centerpiece of those old tales.  Did we all think they would be matched up there with crips and bloods?

Not so much, instead of drugs distro and weapon deals, they beat up drug dealers.. but than again Gangland also did a full episode on juggalos..... at least some solid hardcore bands got some free promo on TV! Joe of THIS IS HARDCORE is one of the main speakers. #HardcoreHistory 

Watch the full episode below. 

Got a WTF moment we shouldn't of forgot about? Email us now! @ WWUREVIEWS@GMAIL.COM 


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