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Featured Artist : HAMAMZER

Sunday, December 24, 2017




HAMAMZER is a one man solo project keeping it heavy in Tel Aviv, Israe.


We had a chat with the creator May Kilmister Köhn about the concept of this amazing album and this is what he had to say! 


May : "The concept is 'the bastard ' (HA-MAMZER in Hebrew) Which is a demon sent to cleanse society from its corrupt ways and free mankind from an economic mindset which bind it into oblivion as shackles on a slave."


May : "What drove me into it? Long time frustration looking at society turning into a product for corporations. Turning them blind by greed. Set to fail by false ideals As well the fact i am a long time vocalist (10+ yrs) and was looking for a way to express everything i had to say" 



He also included that a full length album will be coming out  late 2018 and i have to say i am stoked. 


Check out his recently released EP " Abaddon" in the link below: 



Genre: Blackend Deathcore / Death Metal

Album: Abaddon Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Label: Independent

Release Date: September 11, 2017




The Album is currently our for free so be sure to check it out and pick it up:


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