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Baise Ma Hache - VIVE LA MORT! Album Review

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

 Baise Ma Hache is a French Black Metal band formed in 2013. With their Pro-France, cultural, and historical lyrics, combined with the unique semi-raw sound, the band has gotten some notoriety in the Nationalistic French Metal scene along with having me embrace the French half of my bloodline for sure. 

In early 2017 it was told that along with a new album being released in 2018, This 2 man project will also be releasing an EP before the years end. After hearing their last release "Bréviaire du chaos", I was quite exited to hear this news. After what seemed like forever, I got a notification on my phone that B.M.H uploaded the full EP on YouTube on 12-11 and The wait was finally over.



VIVE LA MORT! begins with a short intro of what sounds like emergency vehicles passing by a small town with french conversation in the background, T.V static and the likes. This is not a new thing for them but it's not bad either. It sets up the mood for the chaos and music about to come. The first track ends and the second begins. Full of the classic Baise Ma Hache style guitars and distorted vocals, the militant energy is well and alive. The sound truly makes you want to pick up your rifle and fight for the prosperity of France. You even hear gunshots and sirens in the song used to keep that atmosphere alive.  This attitude continues throughout the album hyping you up with that same energy felt in their past releases. It is truly wonderful and a big reason they stand out to me in the French scene and it is also why they are a personal favorite of mine.

Bottom Line: If you want to feel as French as you can as well as listen to some really great black metal, this EP and more so, this band is 100% for you.

Rating: 9/10

Standing Out Track: "Ad Patres" Is just true distorted glory. If you are to listen to one song I recommend this one.




Hammerbolt Productions


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