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AC/DC: Founding Guitarist Dies at 64

Saturday, November 18, 2017



AC/DC guitarist, Malcolm Young  was one of those influential idols that you just can't even begin to fathom what music would be like without them. What rhythm guitar would be without him. Sadly he passed away at 64 years young.He was dealing with mental issues such as Dementia for a few years now. Which caused him to retire from the band back in 2014. The following statements below are from his Brother/Bandmate, The Band's official statement, followed by friends and musicians he influenced.


Brother and Bandmate, Angus :"As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special. He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever. Malcolm, job well done."

"Today it is with deep heartfelt sadness that AC/DC has to announce the passing of Malcolm Young. Malcolm, along with Angus, was the founder and creator of AC/DC. With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band. As a guitarist, songwriter and visionary he was a perfectionist and a unique man. He always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted. He took great pride in all that he endeavored. His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed."

Ozzy Osbourne:
"So sad to learn of the passing of yet another friend, Malcolm Young. He will be sadly missed. God Bless @ACDC"


Def Leppard‏:

"I’m sad to hear of the passing of Malcolm Young. It was great to get the opportunity to open for AC/DC on the Highway To Hell tour & we certainly learned a thing or two. He was an incredible guitar player & the glue for that band onstage & off. RIP Malcolm, say hi to Bon." - Joe


Eddie Van Halen‏:

"It is a sad day in rock and roll. Malcolm Young was my friend and the heart and soul of AC/DC. I had some of the best times of my life with him on our 1984 European tour. He will be missed and my deepest condolences to his family, bandmates and friends."


Paul Stanley‏:

"The driving engine of AC/DC has died.A tragic end for a sometimes unsung icon. One of the true greats. RIP."


Lars Ulrich:

"Malcolm, Thank you for being an integral part of the soundtrack to my life. Your music is the definition of timeless and inspiring. RIP."


Mike Portnoy:

"Wow...just got off stage here in Brisbane Australia (of all places) to the shocking news of Malcolm Young's passing. So of the great rhythm guitar players of all time. (James Hetfield and Scott Ian would be the 1st to say so themselves...) #RIPMalcolmYoung"

Scott Ian:
"Malcolm had an intensely powerful, percussive and economic style of playing that made him the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time. His uncanny ability to wring only the necessary notes out of his Gretsch was what made AC/DC - his riffs, feel and tone the soul of that band. What he means to me is unquantifiable. I am a rhythm guitarist because of Malcolm Young, he lives with me always and I hope to honor the man and his legacy every time I play. And now I’m going to crank Riff Raff and play along. My condolences to his family and friends. Cheers and RIP Malcolm Young."

Dave Mustaine:

"I have to go...I am losing it that Malcolm is gone. I hate this..."

Tony Iommi:
"I’m sorry to hear about Malcolm Young, a fine player."



"No words... ...just tears. Rest in Power Malcolm Young."


Tom Morello‏:

"Rest in rock power AC/DC's #MalcolmYoung, #1 greatest rhythm guitarist in the entire history of rock n roll. THANKYOU for everything."



Foo Fighters

“If I could be any other musician in the world, it would have been Malcolm Young in AC/DC - laying it down on the Gretsch, standing in the back, only moving up to the mic when it was time to do the back-up vocals...” - Dave Grohl, 2017.


Vanilla Ice‏:

"Long live #AC/DC The greatest rock band ever - RIP Malcolm young"



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