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WWU Chats w/ Bryan of Drowning

Tuesday, November 14, 2017



DRowning is one of the world's most violent Beatdown-Hardcore bands. They gave us the pleasure to release their new song and music video, so we decided to have a quick chat about it! 

WWU: Been awhile since we talked about Drowning at WWU. What's been going lately? I know you have had a few new members and have toured the country a few times since then. What has Drowning been doing?

Bryan: As of late the band has been strongly focusing on our upcoming sophomore full length that is yet to be named. We want to make sure this next album is something that people go back and listen to over and over for years to come. Other than that we have been planning our next steps with additional tours as well as finally stepping over to Europe in August of 2018!


WWU: Taking that Chicago Style Beatdown to the worldwide stage sounds like it'll be a blast. Best of luck to you all! Now, I've been to more than a few Drowning show's over the years. Hell I've broken bones, gotten black eyes, and even lost teeth during my times seeing you live. Some people in Hardcore and Heavy Music, to put it simply, are just not okay with the levels of violence and insanity that occur with a Drowning show. Does this ever bother you?
Bryan: As a kid, when I grew up I would go to shows as a place to get away and let out all of my aggression. My friends and I would often beat each other up and laugh about it afterward. There's of course a time and place for the level of violence depending on venue and situation but people have to realize it's all in good fun. I've had my friends punch me square in the face while I was performing. It's the adrenaline that makes me feel alive for thirty minutes when I'm on stage. People also have to realize it's a experience going to a Drowning show and it's just our thing that it's gets wild. The atmosphere is part of what makes us. There are many people who attend our shows who do not participate in the madness. Theres usually places to stand to observe. With all that being said it doesn't bother me one bit. Most of the people who don't understand I honestly wouldn't expect them to come see us anyway.

WWU:The new track, titled "World of Snakes", has one of my favorite vocalists in it as a feature. How in the world did you manage to get Rob Bohn of the infamous Crowd Deterrent to be apart of this?
Bryan: I've known Rob actually for a couple years. Steve, who runs Summer Of Hate, invited us out to play a couple times and that's where we really got to know each other. Ohio is one of my favorite places to play in the U.S; through all of our time spent there we had a good number of shows together and what not. I'm very excited about this guest spot because honestly he is one of my favorite vocalist in hardcore. I love a vocalist that has a distinct voice that doesn't try to sound like someone else. He's definitely one of those guys that if you heard him on a track you know right away who it is. When writing this song I envisioned how he would sound on that direct part and thought it would be awesome. After that I hit him up and luckily enough he was into it. Rob is one of the best dudes anyone could ever meet so I'm more than excited to have him a part of this.

WWU: Anything else you want to add before we wrap this up?
Bryan: I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been following us for years. We started this band in 2011 and it's been a wild ride. We owe everyone who keeps up with us and always shows love.



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