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VENUE STRIKES BACK: Reverb Responds to gun accusations

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


So if you have tuned in on the Venue/GutterLIFE drama, Some have jumped the gun to call us "one-sided" because we reported an incident from one perspective (also a complete click-bait title was a bad choice). Before the article was written we wanted to be 100% fair and get both sides of the story. We posted Official statements made by the band and an official statement by their Tour Manager. We Reached out to the Venue before the article was finished, made it aware we were covering the topic and asked for their side of things. The message was read but not replied, so we waited a little bit and decided to run the article anyway. Today they messaged me back and gave us  their side to things. Here's the message with attached images:


"In response to the events that happened on November 11th: it is our belief from employees and witnesses that this band was completely out of control, causing a threat to the safety of a security guard, the promoter, and potentially patrons inside. Our staff is trained to handle every situation possible and support his belief that it had escalated enough to show his weapon while saying he would call the police. No physical harm or threat to actually use his weapon took place. This situation had absolutely nothing to do with a band being late. It had everything to do with the threats sent beforehand by the singer and the threats that continued when they showed up. The following is a quote off of Gutter lifes facebook: Post 2: GutterLIFE "In lieu of tonight's events we'd like to state the following-We hold no ill will towards Reverb or the owner. We were not personally addressed by any owners/founders of this venue." We will be reaching out legally to any and all media outlets blaming the venue or owners for this matter. We are so disappointed that this band would twist a story so much for their own public gain.Below I will send you screenshots of our security's legal statement, along with screenshots from conversations with theband and emails that prove that contact was made with the band prior to the event, the conversation with the band prior to arrival, proof the correct person was contacted, and proof that they had 7 other guys with them from Long Island"

Screen Shots:








 End post

At the end of the day, we wanted to bring both sides from the beginning of this. I am glad we have them now for everyone to form their own opinion! 


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