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An Interview With Solus

Sunday, October 29, 2017


 Deathcore is currently considered one of the most popular genres, as we are having tons of new bands and music on a consistent basis. However, whilst listening to the more prominent bands some might miss underrated bands which really need some recognition - One of these bands is Solus. Currently a solo project, it is sure to be appreciated by most deathcore enthusiasts. With a new single released last month, Solus is ready to take the genre by storm with new music on the way. 


Sooraj: Could you introduce your band to our readers? Did you play in any other bands before Solus?


Kyle: Hi! I'm Kyle Werner, and I currently run Solus. I used to play in a band called Hollow Point(one song out from that).


S: First of all your Debut Album made an everlasting impact on a lot of people including myself. Would you like to explain more about Captive and the people behind it's occurrence?


K: Captive was written to help many others and myself cope with severe anxiety and depression. I used to suffer with depression really bad. I was 'Captive' to my own mind. I wrote it to help dispel the darkness and "demons" that were holding me back. I have a buddy who lives in Indiana who helped to write every track on that EP. His name is Derek Doughtery. Really great musician. Even better friend.


S: After a well written EP, Recently you released a single, "Dead Misery". Why a Single, not an Album Teaser? Plus how hard was it for you to work on the track all by yourself?


K: Dead Misery was a song I worked on with another producer. Dead Misery is actually a different version of a song Solus was going to release before it became a solo project. Same lyrics, different track.


S: Is there any underlying theme to your lyrics?


K: The main theme thus far deals with depression and anxiety, but there's an anti-christian song on Captive. The purpose of that song is because where I work I deal with a lot of religious assholes spewing they're faith everywhere.


S: Being an Underground Band, Who helped you get through the tough times and from where do you find inspiration whilst in hard times?


K: Only close friends were ever there for me. My inspiration came from the few friends who actually cared. I have a friend Kevin, would always listen to what I was working on, and even give input. From where I came from there was only scrutiny and fear. I wasn't allowed to have a voice. And I still struggle with this issue. I can never speak up when I need to because of the trauma.


S: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome it?


K: The hardest thing I've ever had to overcome is loathing myself. For years I have always had self doubt and self hatred. I still struggle with it, but life is getting much better. Thinking positively, and a wonderful girlfriend who supports you no matter what helps a lot. And weed haha


S: Solus was a Full Fledged Lineup until mid 2017. Would like you to share the story behind the sudden lineup changes? 


K: had moved an hour away to live with those members. I went from having a great paying job to a shit job, just for the music. Then they started accusing me of stealing and hiding my money from them, when they were taking all of my money, leaving me with $30 and not letting me eat. I had enough of it so I kicked everyone out of the band and moved out.. Back with my parents. (only stayed there for 9 months) now I'm in an apartment with my girl and couldn't be happier.


S: o you see Solus continuing as a solo project? Would you consider filling out the lineup to play gigs at any point?


K: I would love to have a full line up for Solus. I've been working on Solus for years even before it went public. But as of the moment it is a solo project.


S: Who would you personally like to sit down and interview yourself?


K: Without hesitation Jonathan Davis, from Korn. One of my biggest inspirations to being a musician.


S: Brojob is taking Deathcore by storm. Give me a Wild Guess on Who you think is actually the person behind this project?


K: I honestly have no clue. But the music is great, the lyrics are funny and they're getting rid of the homophobia in the metal scene. Works for me!


S: What do you want to achieve as a band?


K: Honestly I don't want money or fortune. I just want people to love, appreciate and support the music. I want people to be stoked as fuck to see news from Solus. But the main purpose is I want to help those who don't have a voice, have a voice. If you're depressed or someone who claims to love you is putting you down, say something. Do something. Its your life. You do what you want.


S: What's next for Solus? Can we expect a New Album soon?


K: Definitely more coming from Solus. Not sure when it'll be out but there's more to come!



Solus Facebook Page



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