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Jared Dines Got Scammed by Guitar Builder

Sunday, October 22, 2017



As you may have seen the post from a scrubby-ass looking "Guitar Builder" holding a "custom" 17-string guitar that was stated to be made for Youtube Metal Personality Jared Dines. Well if you haven't, You should really follow our facebook page.. Turns out the story of sending Jared a 17-sting guitar was legit. After late deadlines, extra money for materials ,The Guitar was finished! What's the problem? The Guy Shared The finished product , tagging his page and stating it was custom made by his company for Jared Dines. Now Promotion was apart of the Sale. $1000+Shoutouts (plus extra $100) Which is completely stupid if you don't actually make custom guitars and just order them from china for $400. Jared got word of the guitars being made and sold in china for less than half of what he was charged and Confronted as anyone else would and got a new story on how the Guitar's are actually made. Idk why you're wasting your time listening to me, Just listen to him! 


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