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Can't Win: EP (Review)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


CAN'T WIN is a Hardcore Product reppin' Maine, US. They Released an EP which may or may not be called Never Have Never Will... If not it's just called "EP". Ha! Now that's out of the way I can break this 4 tracker down for ya! 

This EP is 7 minutes of aggression, Very thrashy throughout but doesn't lose grip of the hardcore over all feel. Pissed off sounding vocals, tracks under 2-3 mins, Lyrics are straight to the point, and The vocals themselves are a raw style I truly miss in the Hardcore/Metal realm. The Guitars get a little experimental at times, with bends and random leads that just set an overall horror-ish feel. Fucking love the pinch harmonics. Breakdowns hit hard so expect a more rougher crowd when this band is on the bill.


BOTTOM LINE: Metallic Hardcore at it's finest. If you like crunchy breakdowns, and cool guitar leads. Must add to your collection! 

RATING: 8/10


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